The story of East Timor – podcast

Listen again to the story of Jose Ramos-Horta and his fight for independence and freedom for East Timor. Program “Songs of Hope”, segment, Christians who have made a difference. Broadcast 2012-06-24 at 8:45am.

Text of the story of Jose Ramos-Horta: Our Christian who has made a difference today is a man who grew up in a poor family in

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Petara Paulo interview and song podcast

Listen again to Petara Paulo’s interview and live song. Program Songs of Hope. Recorded 2012 06 10

For other Songs of Hope song posts, go here

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Prayer for today podcast – St Patricks morning prayer

Listen again to Songs of Hope prayer for today. Its St Patricks morning prayer (St Patrick of Ireland fame). It was written and first prayed about 400AD. Broadcast 2012 06 17 on “Songs of Hope”.

St Paticks morning prayer: I rise today with the power of God to guide me, the might of God to uphold me, the wisdom

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Australian tenor Bernard Hull shows his talents – podcast

Listen again to the podcast of Bernard Hull and the traditional Christian hymn “All Creatures of Our God and King”. Broadcast on Southern FM on 10 June 2012. Bernard Hull has appeared as a professional singer in many operas and musicals in Australia and around the world. He has produced 5 CDs. Sample more of his music and buy what

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