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Justin’s Book Review of “50 Shades of Grey” from Alex’s Mixed Bag 25th August 2012

For those who have been living in a dark room with no contact with the outside world for the past year, 50 Shades of Grey isn’t just a book but a global phenonemem. A novel written by British Author EL James, this is part one of a trilogy of books that have sold 40 Million copies and have become the fastest selling paperbacks of all time surpassing the Harry Potter Series.

Fast becoming known for being very racy and risqué, women all over the place seem to be reading this book.  I have bumped into women at the office that have read this book, women at the shops, women on buses, trains, everywhere, now I am a member of this not so exclusive group of people who have read 50 shades of Grey.

Set mainly in Seattle and the Washington State Region of the USA, this book is written in the first person narrative or perspective of Anastasia Steele. A 22 year old College Student who is an innocent girl, and I am underlining the word innocent if you know what I mean Alex.

Anastasia seems be annoying, self loathing, and keeps describing herself as the ugliest woman on the earth, which is hard to believe as she has 2 blokes chasing after her. These 2 guys seem to be handsome, talented and treat her very well, which for most 22 year old women, is the most boring and un enticing thing in the World, where’s the fun if the guy is nice and is obviously interested.

Que Christian Grey, 27 year old business mogul, he is filthy rich, extremely good looking and can do anything, he plays the piano like pro, flys helicopters, fishes, does origami, ok, I made up the bit about origami, but he does a lot of stuff.

Most importantly he is distant and mysterious, and what 22 year old girl low on confidence doesn’t go for this. Anastasia and Christian meet when she fills in for her housemate to interview him for the college newspaper, he is all powerful and intimidating, she is all quirky and sarcastic and the fire of desire starts to burn.

Now there is chapter after chapter of, oh he likes me, no he doesn’t, but I like him, blah blah, then around Chapter 8, its starts to get physical, and becomes on like donkey kong. And when it comes to relationships, Christian isn’t a dinner and a movie kind of guy, no ten pen bowling, or park picnics, its becomes a weird dominant relationship, with all sorts of equipment, restraints, and utensils being used, There is even a written contract involved, Oh, that’s a bit perverted and weird you say? No, apparently this guy is a catch.

Nothing much happens in the book after they start getting physical, indulging in various adult/bedroom activities ,  and it just gets more and more …. European, some might say.

Now I found the book easy to read, as I’m not a huge reader but got through it well. I just found the author repeated herself over and over again, we get it, he is very good looking and has long fingers, do you need to put it in every second sentence, maybe EL James can buy a Thesaurus with her new found wealth.

As mentioned earlier, this book is very famous for the explicit nature of certain scenes, and if you are reading it for that sort of stuff you won’t be disappointed, nothing is implied, the author goes through every detail, nothing will be left to the imagination with this one.

Surprise surprise, there is going to be a film made. A lot of rumours flying around as to who would be in it, Im hearing names such as Matt Bomer, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Green and Emma Watson just to name a few possibilities, I have also heard either Jane Campion or Angelina Jolie could be directing it, let’s hope it’s not Jane Campion, because if it is, it will feature a naked Harvey Keitel like every other film she has done.

Look this wasn’t really my thing, I’m a 31 year old guy, I suppose in a  way I can see the appeal to some degree why women like it, as he starts to fall for her, and I suppose women like that sort of thing, but to be honest I found  the characters annoying and very un endearing. Anastasia grates on me as she seems smart enough to know better than to involve herself in the world Christian Grey provides.  Christian Grey just freaks me out a bit as he is possessive, violent, jealous yet every woman I’ve met who has read the book seems to love him. Maybe I just don’t get women.


I give it 2 stars.

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