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Justin’s Movie Review of American Pie Reunion on Alex’s Mixed Bag, 14th April 2012


Now the team from the original film are back 12 years later after the first one, in this fourth instalment of the series.


High School buddies,  Jim, Kevin, Oz, Finch and Stifler are back once again for some more crazy adventures. This time they pushing 30 and back in their hometown for their High School Reunion.

The starts off by focusing on Jim (Jason Biggs) and his marriage to Michele played by Alyson Hannigan and the fact his marriage seems to have lost its passion since the birth of their first child.


Now once the boys get together, Stifler (played by Sean William Scott) becomes the main catalyst in getting the rest of the gang in trouble and that’s when all the adventures starts, albeit fairly unoriginal.


We have crashing teenage parties, inappropriate bodily fluids, nudity, lots of bad language, crude jokes and more crude jokes. Now I’m all for juvenile toilet humour such as the humour used in the Inbetweeners and The Hangover etc, but they just didn’t seem to pull it off, a lot of it was rehashed from the previous ones, and when it wasn’t, they just didn’t nail it.


Now the acting is ok, but not brilliant, Sean William Scott is pretty good as Stiffler, and the movie wouldn’t be very funny without him, Eugene Levy, Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan are also pretty good. AS for the rest of the cast, you can sort of tell why they haven’t been in many films since the last American Pie Film.


I loved the first 2 American films, and never really got around to seeing the third one which was the wedding of Jim and Michele. I don’t  know whether it was a factor of me outgrowing the comedy as I was 18 when they came out or the series losing its funniness, I would favour the latter as I don’t think I have matured much since then anyway


The movie was ok and good for a chuckle, but I can’t help but think they have made one to many of these.


I give it 2 stars. Watch trailer here.

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