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Justin’s Movie Review of “Magic Mike” from Alex’s Mixed Bag on August 4th 2012

This week I saw Magic Mike. A film that touches on a subject close to our hearts, Male Strippers, or just so I don’t offend anyone, Male Exoctic dancers.

Channing Tatum plays Mike, Good looking, charismatic, plenty of grand plans for the future, but he needs to keep the money coming in, so he works as a builder by day and a stripper by night, we’ve all been there before haven’t we?

Now Mike meets Adam played by Alex Pettyfer while on a building site and introduces him into the world of dressing like a fake cop, and taking your clothes off to 80s hits such as “Its raining men” in front of screaming hens nights. Adam takes to this quite well and the 2 become good friends, and the crazy baby oiled lathered hijinx continues from there.

The man who really steals the show for me and in many ways makes it bearable being one of the only guys in the cinema watching it, was the character of exotic dance troupe owner Dallas, played by Matthew Mcconaughey. Dallas is a very lively character who is very much larger than life and helps bring out the comedy element of the film.

Now the film does take some serious turns when Mike realises that he doesn’t want to be the main attraction for Hens Parties forever and that he wants to settle down, get married one day and make coffee tables for a living, sort of like swapping a never ending life of partying for a never ending Year 10 woodwork assignment, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

New Commer Cody Horn plays Adam’s Sister and Magic Mike’s Love interest. Other castmembers includes True Bloods Joe Manganiello, White Collar’s Matt Bomer, and Former WWE and WCw Wrestling superstar Kevin Nash. All are pretty good, although they didn’t do much more than run around shirtless for most of the film.

This movie was certainly not for me, but I found it bearable and maybe borderline enjoyable, but I do mean Borderline. Channing Tatum was pretty good in it, I did like him in 21 Jump Street, so I find the guy can act to some degree.

In many ways, I found it to be a lighter and friendlier stripper version of “Boogie Nights” a lot of “Where is my life heading” etc. It wasn’t very heavy and fairly light hearted throughout, but not too over the top.

If your girlfriend or wife wants to go, I would still try to avoid it, as it still won’t be as good as watching something with Stallone in it, and you may be better off waiting until Taken 2 comes out later in the year.

But it was ok.

I give it 3 stars

Check out the Trailer here.

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