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Justin’s Movie Review of “Men in Black 3” from Alex’s Mixed Bag from the 2nd June 2012

This is week I saw Men in Black 3

This is the first Men in Black film for 10 years and the first Will Smith movie for 4. For those of you unfamiliar with the Men in Black Series, it is about a secret organisation of special agents who supervise and monitor the integration of space aliens within the community, and protect the earth from Hostile ones.

Now this film starts out with Space Alien, Boris the Monster (played by Jermaine Clement of “flight of the concords” fame) breaking out of the Lunarmaxx prison, which is located on the moon, he then finds a time machine device and goes back in time to the 60s to kill agent K played by Tommy Lee Jones to prevent his arm from being blown off and his subsequent incarceration.

Agent K’s Partner, Agent J, played by Will Smith goes to work one day to find out his Partner, Agent K has been dead for over 40 years. After working out what has happened, he jumps back in time to the 60s to stop his partner from being killed, and to get everything back on kilter again.

A young Tommy Lee Jones is played by Josh Brolin, star of The Goonies , Milk, W and many other films. And Agent J seeks him out to try and convince him that he is here to save him.

So that fun and craziness carries on from there with plenty of humour and action.

Now there are films where you go expecting something very average, and you leave the cinema surprised. This is one of those films, as I thought it was just another Hollywood Cash grab by making a 3rd film of a series out of nowhere.  But this is actually a very good and enjoyable film.

The time travel element gives it a point of difference, although not a hugely original one, so it doesn’t end up becoming a total clone of the first 2. Will Smith is typical Will Smith, but in saying that, he isn’t back to peak form as yet, but that would come I’m sure

But 2 Words, Josh Brolin, this guy was brilliant as a young Agent K, and had a lot of the mannerisms and an eerily similar voice to Tommy Lee Jones. He really was the stand out. I came in the film having a crush on his wife for a few years, came out of the film with a crush on him, he was that good in this film.

The effects are great, and film is available to see in 3D, which comes across very well, especially in certain scenes. They really do a good job portraying 1960s New York, so that really adds to the whole experience. It flows well from start to finish with no sort of boring lulls in the middle of the film. All the effects are really well done

I really recommend this film, I have checked the papers and there doesn’t seem to be much on, so I would recommend people to c

heck this one out.

I would give it 4 out of five stars.


Check out the Trailer here


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