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Justin’s Movie Review of “Ted” on Alex’s Mixed Bag 7th July 2012

This week I saw Ted

Now, he is lazy, racist, sexist, abusive and inappropriate, no, it isn’t your dirty uncle that your Mum avoids inviting to family functions, it’s Ted, the CGI Teddy Bear that is the main character in this new comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis

Written and Directed by Seth McFarlane, the Mastermind behind animated series such as Family Guy and American Dad, this is his first Motion picture and is a live action film which centres around a CGI Teddy Bear called Ted which, he also lends his voice to.

John Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg) makes a wish as a child that his Teddy Bear will become alive, by magic this happens, and Ted becomes a world wide sensation. Turn forward the clock and everyone has moved on, and he now just lives with John who is now 35 and John’s girlfriend, Lori (played by Mila Kunis) Now John is a bit of a Loser who has never kicked on in life and works a Dead end job. Ted and him often sit home together talking rubbish, smoking bongs and making a lot of inappropriate jokes.

Now Lori has decided it’s time to move on and for Ted to move out, which he does. The only problem is John and him struggle to be apart. The adventures and Hijinx continues from there.

It’s a never ending string of punchy clever, yet very rude, very inappropriate, politically incorrect gags.  A word of warning, do not look at the poster and say “Hey, it’s a movie with a CGI Teddy Bear, let’s take the kids” as this is a very very adult film.

Now being from the mind of Seth Mcfarlane, there are a lot of pop culture reference much like his animated stuff. So if you like references to obscure actors, and old tv shows, you should get a kick out of it.

Mark Wahlberg is very good in this, great comic timing, great interaction with Ted, which would have been difficult as he would have been acting to nothing during filming. He was very good with Mila Kunis. The only question mark I would put over it would be that Mark Wahlberg is now over 40 and it is sort of starting to be a hard sell passing him off as a 30 something, it is something I am seeing a lot in film. Cameron Diaz is another example of this.

Mila Kunis, let’s face, she’s hot, as per usual, she is also really good in this, I’m a big fan of hers when she was in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, she also does voice work for Seth Mcfarlane in Family Guy

Now for the Family Guy fans, you will be in for a treat, as a lot of the voicecast in this movie, obviously Mila Kunis, but also Patrick Warburton and Alex Bernstein.

Now there are also plenty of surprise cameos, but I won’t ruin them for you.

The jokes were brilliant, and I laughed until I was sore the whole way through, the only thing is, I found the next day, I couldn’t remember many of the jokes, so although extremely funny, it was also a very fleeting form of humour.  It very much reminded me of the humour used in Family Guy.

At the end of the day though, I loved it.

I am giving it the title of Alex’s mixed bag Funniest film of the year this far.

4 stars


Watch Trailer Here

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