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Justin’s Movie Review of “The Dark Knight Rises” from Alex’s mixed bag on 28th July 2012

Batman is back in The Dark Knight Rises, the Third and final film in the Christopher Nolan directed Dark Knight Series.

The film takes place 8 years after the Dark Knight, and Bruce Wayne has hung up the Batsuit after Batman took the wrap for the crimes of Harvey “Two Face” Dent. He just hangs out in Wayne Manor, doesn’t shave and has a bung knee.

A Deranged Masked Mercenary by the name of Bane comes to town and plans to wreak havoc on Gotham, by doing a variety of naughty deeds. Not to give too much away but one of them may involve stealing a nuclear bomb, so there is lots of fun to be had.

Now the cast is similar to the first 2 films which is brimming with stars. Christian Bale is back as Batman, Michael Cane , Garry Oldman, Morgon Freeman and Australian Ben Mendelson also appear. They have also introduced Oscar Winner Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, and Anne Hathaway as Selina kyle, AKA Catwoman

Our friend Anne Hathaway is a stand out, not just because she looks great in tight leather Catsuit, but she really pulls this off, which is good to see as the makers copped a lot of flak early on when they announced her in the role.

Christian Bale is very good again as Batman, and I still reckon he is the best by a long way.

English actor Tom Hardy (you may have seen him in Warrior and This means War) plays Bane. Now Bane’s voice is altered due to the fact he has some sort of breathing mask on, this looks very effective. But there have been some mixed opinions about the sound of his voice.

Now like the first 2 films, this film is many things, Dark, Gritty, with a very real vibe about it especially for a superhero film. It’s epic and long, not too long, but long enough. And it’s visually amazing; some are even calling it a Game changer.

The Last Half an Hour of this film will blow your mind, the effects, the way everything infolds, it really was very well done., even had some things even I didn’t see coming.

I do recommend everyone who sees this film to watch the first 2, as it may be hard at times to connect the dots, even if you are familiar with the character of Batman.

So many positives, but one negative for me would have to be the whacky voice of Bain as it does come across as a tad comical at times. I also struggle with the gruff voice of Christian bale when he changes from Bruce Wayne into Batman. But I am being pedantic; maybe I just can’t get myself to give a film a perfect score.

4 and  a half stars

Watch Trailer Here


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