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Justin’s Movie Review of The Five Year Engagement form Alex’s Mixed Bag 12th May 2012

This week I saw the Five year Engagement.

This is the new romantic comedy starring Emily Blunt, Jason Segal (not sure if he is any relation to Steven) and Australia’s own Jackie Weaver.

Based in San Francisco, Tom played by Jason Segal proposes to his girlfriend of one year Violet (played by Emily Blunt). Now these are exciting times which introduces the couple to the exciting yet frustrating task of organising a wedding and the obstacles that it throws at them.

Now this is only one challenge as Violet then gets offered her dream job in the psychology department of The university of Michigan. Tom and Violet put off the wedding and move to Michigan which isn’t depicted as a very nice place in this movie.

Time passes and so does Tom’s resentment towards the whole situation as he had to give up his promising career as a chef to move to Michigan. The film turns into a humorous look into relationships and people’s expectations within them, and all the typical bickering and arguing that goes with it, so this is when it turns into your stock standard romcom

Now the jokes are pretty humorous throughout with funny friends and family members adding to the comedy element of the film. Now it does suffer from an ailment most rom coms suffer which I like to call RCS or Romantic Comedy Syndrome, which is when a romantic comedy goes for about 30 minutes too long. It seemed to go for just under 2 hours which is a bit too long for a film of this genre.

Segal and Blunt are very convincing and good as the engaged couple and I think the pairing works very well, the support cast which includes Jackie Weaver as Violet’s mother is also very good.

I wouldn’t call this a classic, but for a romantic comedy it is bearable, and if you are in a relationship and the missus is making you see a romantic comedy or you are trying to get some credit back in the bank after one too many nights out with the boys, this could be the film to take her to as she would enjoy it, and it won’t make men want to stab their eyes and ears out like a lot of rom com do.

I would say this is a solid performance for a romantic comedy.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

 Watch the Trailer here


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