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Killing me Softly Film Review from Alex’s Mixed Bag 20th October 2012

This one is getting a lot of early Oscar Buzz

Written and directed by Australian Andrew Dominik, who was the man behind hit Australian film Chopper.

This one is a gangster film with an impressive cast including Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini,  and Australia Ben Mendelson who, is playing an Australian which you often don’t see.

2 low life crims fresh out of jail (played by Mendelsen and Scoot Mcnairy)  rob an illegal card game, where the players are unsavoury criminal types. The crime ring then hires the services of Jackie Cogan, professional enforcer/hitman played but Brad Pitt to investigate and hunt down everyone involved.

This film is very violent, and some of these scenes are shot very well and at times very creatively which makes it a bit different to your standard gangster film.

The story was good but at times moved slowly, there were lots of scenes with guys sitting in cars talking, guys sitting bars talking, just lots of long monologues, a lot of which didn’t seem needed. But I am a bit of an action man

Brad Pitt was really good in this film, and was the stand out, very believable as a hitman, yet sort of likeable at the same time. I would even dare to say one of his best roles ever.

Mendelsen was also good, but played a steely eyed crazy person, which is pretty much the same sort of role he plays in everything that he is in.

James Gandolfini plays another hitman, but I don’t even see why his character was even in it. It all seemed a bit pointless, maybe the director was just a fan of the sorpranos and wanted tony sorprano to be in his movie.

This was a bit of a funny one, I came out of the cinema a bit perplexed, not sure what to make of it. Really enjoyed parts of it, bored in others, it really is a mixed bag, but sort of felt it could have been better.

Yet it has been getting a lot of critical acclaim so maybe I am not that intellectual enough.


2 and half stars

Watch Trailer here

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