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Review of Contraband from Alex’s Mixed Bag by Resident Film reviewer Justin, 10th March 2012

Now this is a remake of an Icelandic Film, and stars Mark (Marky Mark) Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale.

Set in New Orleans, Mark Wahlberg plays former Master Smuggler Chris Farrady who now lives a normal life and has gone straight, his wife Kate is played by Kate Beckinsale. Now Kate’s brother gets himself into trouble while trying to smuggle cocaine from central America on a container ship, he has to dump the drugs in the river and now is in debt to a criminal drug dealer called Briggs.

Now left with no choice Mark Wahlberg’s Character has to go back to his old profession of smuggling to get his Brother in Law out of Trouble

So Mark Wahlberg’s Character plans a smuggling run of some counterfeit money coming from Panama and that is where the action starts. And as you could imagine, in this kind of movie, nothing goes to plan.

Now in many ways this is your typical Heist /Action movie, there isn’t a lot of surprises and it can be slightly predictable at times. But I still found it very enjoyable.

The acting is fairly solid, the movie concentrated more on the plot so there isn’t a lot of character development, but you wouldn’t expect it in a film such as this one.

Mark Wahlberg is billed as the star of the show and he delivers, as he makes a very good action star. A Surprise packet out of this is the performance of Geovanni Ribisi who plays the main bad guy “Briggs”. He is the kind of actor that you may not know the name but he has been in various such as “Saving Private Ryan” and “Avatar”. Kate Beckinsale’s performance is solid as the good looking but always distressed housewife.

This is a good solid movie, and had a good mix of action and suspense. The only problem thing is,  everything in it has been done and seen before so it really held no surprises in terms of story.

But if you want a good film where you just want to be entertained and not think to hard, this is for you.

I give it a solid 3 out of 5 stars

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