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Taken 2 Review from Alex’s Mixed Bag from 6th October 2012

This film is the long awaited sequel to the action classic Taken, from 4 years ago, which was the story of former CIA agent Brian Mills played by Liam Neeson, where his daughter was abducted in Paris by an Albanian gang of human sex traffickers (not sure if that is covered by travel insurance or not). He then went about a no holds barred carnival of carnage on the city of lights and rescued his daughter, killing a lot of Albanian criminals in the process.

The sequel takes place a little while after all this, where the family of the Albanian bad guys who also happen to be more Albanian bad guys vow revenge against Brian and his family.

Brian goes on a private security job in Instanbul, where he invites his  daughter Kim played by Maggie Grace and his ex wife Lenore played by Famke Janssen to join him afterwards for a bit of a family get together.

While on a lunch date in Istanbul with his ex wife with the hopes of maybe reconciling their relationship, they get tracked down by the Albanian bad guys and are taken but, not before Brian can make a phone call to his daughter back at the hotel

That kicks of the action, with Kim helping track and free her father from his captors and then its followed by heaps of great action, and a huge car chase through the narrow streets and alleys of Istanbul.

Now, disclaimer time, I am biased as I loved the first one, it was one of my favourite movies of the last decade. Although this one isn’t as super awesome as the first one, it still delivers as an action film

Liam Neeson is great, who would have thought that this guy could be an action star, he has come a long way from being Oscar Schindler. The fight scenes and car chase scenes are still really good visually.

The film lacks the relentlessness and grittiness of the first one, but is still very good. It also is a tad cheesy for the first 20 minutes but once it gets going, it becomes very good very quickly.

Some people would also say there are some plausibility issues with the plot, but it’s an action film, so it’s always going to stretch the bounds of possibility slightly. Liam Neeson also doesn’t bother much putting on an accent.

Maggie Grace was also pretty good and not bad to look at either, Famke Jansen seemed knocked out for most of the film but was still good and does seem to have aged well.

I really liked it

I give it 3 and a half stars.

Check out the Trailer here



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