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The Watch Review from Alex’s Mixed Bag 22nd September 2012

This week I saw The Watch, the new comedy starring Ben Stiller as Evan, a manager for a Costo in a nice middle class suburb of Ohio. He is very active in the community and starts a lot of community groups. After the security guard at his Costco is murdered mysteriously he starts up a neighbourhood watch, only 3 other people turn up including Bob played by Vince Vaughn

Now we also have Frank played by Jonah Hill and Damarcus played by Richard Ayoade, otherwise known as the guy from the IT crowd that isn’t Shane O Dowd.

They do a lot of bonding and mucking around, do silly things like sing along to Bachman Turner Overdrive while driving, Hilarious, then they discover an alien invasion in the town and that is where the crazy comedy Hijinx begins, or ends, depending on what your idea of humour is.

Have you ever watched a sporting event such as a soccer world cup or something like that and seen a team full of superstars who end up losing or really struggling against a team of less talented individuals purely because they haven’t been able to gel and work as a team.

Well this is the example of this as you have 4 funny guys and it has all the signs of being a classic, yet, after 25 minutes it turns ordinary very quickly.

This was made even more surprising as the script, was co written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg who wrote Superbad, it was also directed by a guy who directed a film called Hot Rod, which is one of my favourite comedies of the past 10 years. But despite all the talent on and off the screen,  it didn’t really hit at all.

Ben Stiller was fairly stilted and bland, even though he was supposed to be the straight guy anyway, he just seemed to go through the motions. Vince Vaugn was typical Vince Vaugn, a lot of talking really fast, he was funny to begin with but become a bit repetitive, and that is coming from someone who usually loved Vince Vaughn in everything. Jonah Hill was ok, but not brilliant and the guy form the IT Crowd wasn’t much better.

The story got a bit silly and bit over the top, not “Adam Sandler film” over the top, but so close it left an awful taste in my mouth.

As I said before it was like going to watch Brazil play the Virgin Islands in Soccer, and seeing a boring nil all draw.

I’m giving it one and a half stars

See the trailer here


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