Bobby Valentine to Host Coffee Chat

Bobby Valentine is the guest host on Monday 23rd August 2010.  Bobby is going to share his fabulous music knowledge and play his special brand of music on Coffee Chat this week.  Be sure to tune in @9am – 11am Checkout the Coffee Chat website

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12 thoughts on “Bobby Valentine to Host Coffee Chat”

  1. aloha Lynn, I’m in Ewa Beach. Heck if we can’t cht with BV we may as well talk to each other.

  2. Aloha Lopaka – did you go to the KMF – maybe we met there? I have to run out for a bit to hear a band – we are looking for a couple new musicians for our band – Bobby said he was planning on playing a cut from our new CD “Watercolor Dreams” – so hopefully he will 🙂 Send me a message on FB and we can stay in touch. I assume you are a musician? Aloha!

  3. aloha lynn,

    Yes, I attended the KMF-I think we mat there. Looking forward to hearing Bob play your song. He might have played it already I’m not sure. I’ll do the FB connection. Aloha

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