Breaking News: The COVID-19 Anthem

The radio premiere of Foxie Balboa’s new release The COVID-19 Anthem (The Coronavirus Song) was this morning on 88.3 Southern FM – The Sounds of the Bayside.  It was during a special “lockdown” edition of Friday Magazine. Have a listen to the track on this podcast (27 March 2020).
One good thing to come from people practising social distancing and isolation is there’s plenty of great things happening artistically and Foxie Balboa has come up with the Anthem to get us through!
Adelaide-based Foxie Balboa has come up with a quirky and relatable Ode to survival in isolation that connects with younger people everywhere.
She is an Australian athlete who was set to participate in the Tokyo Olympics so her story of determination and excitement has now turned to frustration and disappointment due to the virus.
With strong links to Italy, her family resides in a small village called Sinopoli, she created the song for them to make them happy and stay positive.
During times of such uncertainty Foxie hopes this track may bring a sense of relatability and hopefully some smiles.

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