Heavy Decibels Show confirms “We have Anthrax”

Yes boys and girls. Tis true.

I have scored 1 of 4 interviews granted to Australian media to interview ledgendary bassist Frank Bello from thrash pioneers – Anthrax. One of the worlds biggest metal acts, part of the Big 4 metal fest that saw them headline with Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth are coming to our shores in Feb, and I will be chatting Frank on Saturday afternoon.

Joining Anthrax in 1984, he has seen it all. Survived the grundge wave and come out the other side. It will be a huge honour to have him on the show. The interview will air on Feb 9th.

















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  • This is for Anthrax and I don't know Frank

    Can you please do more collaborative work with old school “Hip Hop” artists like Public Enemy? Please not Eminem. I can rip a mean “La Di Da Di”

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