Dakara Dirt Live Sunday Session this Sunday

Dakara Dirt is the Australian hard rock band the world has needed, and the answer to music without substance.

In just a few short months following the release of their debut album “Miss Hollywood”, Dakara Dirt have sold an unprecedented amount of both digital and physical copies of the record on iTunes and direct from their webpage,www.dakaradirt.com, which has now led to commercial radio and television airplay.
Providing a full-length live show that packs punch, stimulates and arouses the crowds, Dakara Dirt is one of the few acts able to generate such excitement and buzz without any major record company support.
Their blend of melodic sensibility, mixed with a dose of memorable hooks, and powerfully relatable lyrics, makes their album “Miss Hollywood” an equally enjoyable experience to listen to as watching them perform live. Experiencing their distinct and unmistakable sound, it is easy to see how they authentically embody the spirit of rock and roll.

This Sunday listeners get the chance to hear it all for a full hour on the 88.3 Live Sunday Sessions 4pm – 5pm.



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