DESTROY SHE SAID Live Sunday Session this week

It has been a pretty mellow time on The Live Sunday Sessions in recent weeks but that is all about to change with the arrival of Destroy She Said. The lads will be featuring a lot o their new material which they are about to release and will be set to blow the roof off the studio at 4pm this Sunday (14th August).

Only Australian Music’ reviewer Paddy Hawke says: ‘Destroy She Said 
uphold the proud tradition [of pub rockers] like The Angels, a band 
that will give their all to quench the thirst for hard rock........
It’s raucous, it’s fun and it’s like no other rock n roll on earth…
Singer Simon McCullough has a voice made for rockin’… his delivery and
 attitude is reminiscent of Angry Anderson. Dave Walker’s solos … are a 
definite highlight.’ From the superbly seedy opening track Hookers Don’t 
Kiss to the explosive Rag Doll, Destroy She Said produce a potent hit of 
vicious guitar riffs mixed with tales of fast living. So if you like your 
tales of the city’s underbelly to unfold to a backdrop of stripped back, 
hard edged rock n roll, Destroy She Said are definitely worth checking out. 
You can do that this Sunday on the 88.3 Live Sunday Sessions from 4pm.

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