Leigh Sloggett Live Sunday Afternoon

Accomplished performer Leigh Sloggett is this Sundays special guest performer on our Live at the Wireless session. There would be few better ways to chill out on a Sunday arvo than to listen to the accoustic folk music of this great performer. Blues, roots, folk, Leigh should not be catagorized but rather simply enjoyed.

“…..Sloggett is a highly accomplished and personal songwriter, weaving intricate stories around finger picked guitar compositions. ….He’s extremely adept with the guitar in his hands, and a strong singer, but the man’s sense of melody is uncanny. Wildly Huskell -Wildly’s World

Make sure you don’t miss Leigh’s performance hosted by Scott Howard on the 17th October at 4pm on 88.3

http://www.myspace.com/leighsloggett http://www.cdbaby.com/all/luckyleigh

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