Southern FM’s Live Sunday Sessions have become an institution since they commenced in October 2009. There have been many artists and many genre’s since that time and they will be starting up again in February following a little break since Christmas. The Live Sunday Sessions feature a special guest artist or act each Sunday at 4pm in the Southern FM studios for an hour of live to air music. Heavy metal, pop, rock, folk, blues, jazz, classical, celtic, roots all feature on the Live Sunday Sessions. Think you have what it takes?????? Contact to find out more and possibly be one of our guest performers and follow in the footsteps of some of these other fine artists:-

Check out the list of previous guests


Myyth, Pacific Blues Union, Alexandra Pye, The Elliotts, Mama Blue and Son, Deep Street Soul, Sara Stone, Jules Boult, Jessica Paige, Jail Bird Jokers, Sunday Chairs, Gossamer Pride, Justin Yap Band, Deep Creek Road, Dakara Dirt, Lauren Bruce, Saoirse, Kooyeh, Matt Katsis, Faye Blais, Silence & The Sketch, The Ivory Elephant, Winston, Waking Eden, James Southwell, Stevie Paige, King Catfish, Return To Youth, Jenny Biddle, Chloe & Silas, The Twoks, Kyle Taylor, Alex Formosa Baudo Band, Blue Eyes Cry


Brightly, Michelle Parsons, Laura K Clarke, Kerryn Fields, Rita Satch Band, Blackpool Road, Crossing Romeo, Maddison Louisa, Anthony Young, Catfish Voodoo, Steven Reinhart, Second Hand Heart, Blues Mountain Trio, Joe Matera, Megan Bernard, Alistair Turrill, Matthew Fagan, Nicolette Forte, Jessica Isgro & Unfurled, Dallas Frasca, The Grace Makers, Steve Harley Kim Boekbinder, While The City Sleeps, Daniel Rolls, Jack Dariol, Brooke Taylor, Folk Train, The Peep Tempel


Stephen Ward, Peter Chapman, Shaun Kirk, Sean Miller, The Rockits, Eleanor Ng, Emmy Bryce, Cindy Van Der Ree, Daniel Champagne, Teak, Mildsparrow, Dreamboogie, Destroy She Said, Superjuice, The Weathermen, Mr.Black & Blues, Merri Creek Pickers, Alex Watts, The Bon Scotts, The Teskey Brothers, Tin Alley, Frank Falvo, Jade LeonardPony Girl & the OutsidersThe OlivettesDamen Samuel, The Kalaharis, The Eternal, Buried Feather, Late Arvo Suns, Vitruvian Man, None The Wiser, This Public Life, Reece Dillon & The Jelly Babies, The Whole Molko, Greg Walsh


Simone Gill, Courtney Barnett, The Silence Engine, Ross Royce, BonjahLeigh Sloggett, The Bipolar BearsMamas RejectsHeidi Everett and Hotel EchoLloyd Spiegel, Sarah Rzek, The Wolfgramm Sisters, Katt Beames and Lucy GallantLiz Stringer, Shanakie, Merciriva, Deborah Conway, Josh Owen, Celadore, Sam Pollard, Michelle Meehan, Spearmint Fur, Tracey McNeil, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Extra Terrestrial Duo, Jesse Mitchell, A.J.Steel, Vamp, Victor Stranges, Tin Alley



Denny Lloyd, The Little Stevies, Husky, Michael Barker Trio, Mamas Rejects, Rachel Parkinson, Micaiah, The Silence Engine, Tyla Bertolli

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