LSS Stephen Ward Podcast

Stephen Ward

Originally from country Victoria, Stephen Ward is now based in Melbourne. He has taught guitar, trumpet and bass since the time he was 16 and has worked as a professional guitarist since 2003.

September 2011 sees Ward launch his long-awaited debut recording So Long. So Long was mixed by Joel Tipping, and features Ward playing guitar, bass, percussion and trumpet, with drums played by Robert Callea.

The carefully constructed release is a result of years of experience and musical influences, and it shows. While the overall sound is chilled, with an acoustic pop flavour, this powerful performer showcases passionate and intelligent vocals alongside good honest rock. Underpinned with technical excellence and accessible hook driven melodies, its been incubating during Ward’s diverse musical career to date. Comparisons are already being made to Neil Finn, Foo Fighters and John Mayer.

So Long, released in September is just the first glimpse of Ward’s songwriting magic – the seal has been broken…following So Long in 2011, there is a 2012 release in the pipeline. Ward will soon make his mark as a songwriter and performer to watch.

He came into the Southern FM studios last Sunday to play an amazing set. Catch it again on the podcast.

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