Pony Girl and The Outsiders on Live Sunday Sessions 17/04/11

It is with great pleasure that Live Sunday Sessions host rock band Pony Girl & The Outsiders on Sunday the 17th of April from 4 pm.  One hour of brilliant tunes live and acoustic. Hear cuts from their hot new album Rebel Rebel plus a few surprises.  Host Shaun Stokie from Radio Ga Ga will chat to this exciting band about their songs, upcoming gigs and their musical influences. If you’re into Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Glee – get a life.  Everyone else would be wise to tune their radio to Southern FM or listen via the web on Sunday the 17th of April from 4 pm.  It will kick $%#@! mailto:http://www.ponygirlandtheoutsiders.com

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