Living Consciously

The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Southern FM however, the show will be entertaining & get you thinking.  Living Consciously is about just that – stopping taking life, attitudes & the way things are for granted. Jane is not afraid to challenge even the most sacred of cows in an irreverent ramble through the two hours. Occasional guests, frequent laughter, varied music, possible outrage & potential sanity. Join her for a unique radio listening experience

Podcast How a date in a box could help your relationship

Kim & Nicole from came in to tell us how a subscription service which is a first in Australia is designed to assist couples in reconnecting to the, possibly lost, intimate aspects of their relationship. What do you reckon? Would it appeal to you as a strategy?

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The reality about medicinal cannabis

Jan 10th 2017 Jane chatted to Lyn Cleaver from Tasmania on her son Jeremys’ journey with the use of cannabis in a medicinal capacity.  What is the reality around the new proposed laws & how will the recent police raids affect those who depend upon it to alleviate pain & suffering. [Podcast]

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Any concerns with privacy and todays Census?

Social justice advocate Marika was our guest on todays show.  She articulated the concerns that many have with the demand to collect identifying information of individuals filling out their census data tonight.  Sure we wish to be useful citizens & participate in the process but why the need for identifying data & just how safe is that data?

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