Special Edition of Love This City this Saturday

With The Lovely Diane taking a well earned two week break this weeks Love This City will feature all Australian Independant artists for two hours from 6-8pm on Saturday 11th September. Bonjah, Dan Sultan, Lloyd Spiegel, Skipping Girl Vinegar, The Lucky Wonders, Merciriva, Autumn Gray, Chris Altman, Ainsley Wills, Shaun Kirk, Jenny Biddle, Liz Stringer, The Presets and a bunch more super talented Aussie artists will feature. Tune in for more top Australian acts on Ausmosis from 5-6pm!!!

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  • Great show! Always nice to hear a selection of talented Aussie musicians, rather than other stations that seem to have 1 song on repeat all day. Particularly enjoyed listening to your interview with Charity and the songs from her new album. Cheers.

  • Love the show and the music selection, but could do without the chit chat.

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