Playlist for Midnight Mass Wednesday March 27th

Playlist for tonight’s (12am – 2am) Midnight Mass program with host Daniel H is….:

KURT VILE – Society Is My Friend

DEERHUNTER – Desire Lines

KID 606 – Phoenix Riddim

ULVER – February MMX

SKINNY PUPPY – The Second Opinion

LOOP – Straight To Your Heart

THE FALL – Slang King


GODFLESH – Messiah


FENN O’BERG – We Will Diffuse You

X TG – Janitor Of Lunacy

JOHN BARRY – Fun City / Science Fiction

FRANK ZAPPA – Basement Music

SUN CITY GIRLS – Shanghai Satelitte

HANADENSHA – Doobie Shining Love

NAKED CITY – Razor Wire


Tune in for lots of laughs ad fun and happy times……(!)



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