Playlist for the Midnight Mass program Wednesday 16th December

The second last playlist for the year is now here in all its greasy splendour. Thanks to all who supported us through 2015. Next year promises big things……BIG things.

Listen in tonight from 12am to hear dj Dan H bring bring you all the latest and greatest from the world of alternative music.


RIDE – Seagull

LFO – Tied Up

OLD – Break You

OHGR – Hollow

BJORK – Notget

MATMOS – Verber

UR – Anthropomorphosis

THE CURE – The Top


MR BUNGLE – Carry Stress In The Jaw

LEAD INTO GOLD – Faster Than Light

WORLD OF SKIN – Breathing Water

MUDHONEY – Come To Mind

BIG BLACK – Fists Of Love

BOREDOMS – Anarchy In The UKK


NURSE WITH WOUND – Groove Grease

NISEUO – Cosmic Chang Mothership



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