Playlist for the Midnight Mass program Wednesday September 3rd

The playlist for tonight’s (12am – 2am) Midnight Mass program with host dj Daniel H is:


JANE’S ADDICTION – Ted, Just Admit It

LIARS – His And Mine Sensations

KRAFTWERK – Metal On Metal

DEVO – Satisfaction

ARIEL PINK – Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups

BRIAN ENO – Mother Whale Eyeless

KING CRIMSON – The Power To Believe

JOHN ZORN – Bridge To Beyond / Dreamer Of Dreams


MELVINS – A Really Long Wait

LARSEN – Cob Kite Toy

MR BUNGLE – Desert Search For Techno Allah


CHROME – Nova Feedback

AMM – Vandoevre

THRONES – Coal Sack

SUN CITY GIRLS – The Genghis Necro Nama Khan

SHINJUKU THIEF – Procession Of Souls



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