Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

A weekly program focusing health and wellbeing. Christine Heart Savage, known as “the breathing lady” has her expertise in the area of breathwork, stress & anxiety management, and personal development, while  Dr Peter Johnston has had a long term interest in integrating conventional and alternative approaches to healthcare. This week Peter’s guest is David McKenzie, a Vietnam veteran, who lost his right arm and both legs as a result of a land mine.


Contact the show by email at MindBodyHeartSoul@southernfmom.au

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  • thoroughly enjoyed the new program – very possitive and inspiring, bringing good and much needed stories and news to listeners. Very open and relaxed and extremely enjoyable and enriching.

  • Love the health and wellbeing show. Listened to it all and think Peter and Christine sound wonderful. Also really enjoyed the music especially the song about living in the moment by Major Chord. Thankyou for this great program.

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