Andy Timmons and Mark Copolov on Purple Haze – Podcast

Andy Timmons Band Plays Sgt PepperIn this Podcast, Mark Copolov interviews top American session guitarist Andy Timmons about his new cd, ‘The Andy Timmons Band Play Sgt. Pepper’. This cd is an instrumental version of the classic Beatle’s album released in June 1967.

Andy talks about many of the tracks, as well as the inclusion of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ which was originally going to be included on the original album.

Andy arranged all the tracks by memory rather than listening to the album and making it totally accurate because he wanted to preserve his memory of the music rather than play it note for note.

As a session player, Andy has been featured on CDs by drummer Simon Phillips, a live CD with Olivia Newton-John (he has been her music director-guitarist for several U.S. tours), two albums by Kip Winger, recording sessions for Paula Abdul and Paul Stanley, and radio and television jingles. He has also played alongside Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Mike Stern, Ace Frehley, Ted Nugent, Reb Beach, and Pierre Bensusan, as well as some of his favorite 1960s singing stars such as the Beach Boys, Lesley Gore, and Gordon Waller.

This interview will be aired on 88.3 Southern FM, on Mark’s version of the show ‘Purple Haze’, 8-10pm on Wednesday 29th February, Australian EST time.

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Official Website : Mark Copolov

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