Podcast of Mark Copolov’s last ‘Purple Haze’ show with 18 guests (Ringo Starr to Ross Wilson) – went to air 29th April 2020

Hi Everyone,

Here is my podcast from my very last ‘Purple Haze’ show on 88.3 Southern FM, which was broadcast on Wednesday 29 April 2020, after 22 years’ service. I’ve re-edited it from what went to air eg. adding in songs re the “Past guests” segment so it better relates to what we were discussing..

The total length of the broadcast is 4 hours, 40 minutes. I’m proud to say that over the 22 years, I had the pleasure of conducting more than 130 nterviews with so many interesting artists.

Here’s the running order:

Part 1: My intro than Ross Wilson/lead singer, songwriter, guitarist from Daddy Cool, Mondo Rock etc.

Part 2: Ross Wilson cont’d + Some snippets and music from some of my last 22 years of interviews: RINGO STARR & George Martin/The Beatles producer,

Part 3: Richard Lush Beatles sound recording engineer), Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys & Robby Krieger/Guitarist and songwriter from The Doors

Part 4: Russell Morris & Johnny Young, Normie Rowe & Colleen Hewett

Part 5: Phil Everly, Francis Rossi, Status Quo – lead singer & lead guitarist), Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees)

Part 6: Interviews & music from my last show ‘live on the phone’ guests:

Michael Burrows – local singer songwriter

Part 7: Michael Jacobs – lead singer, song writer & guitarist from Jacob’s Run

Part 8: Michael Spiby – the singer, songwriter & guitarist from The Badloves

Part 9: Walter Musolino – the vocalist, guitarist & keyboard player from Man City Sirens

Part 10: Charlie Mae – local singer & songwriter

Part 11: Kevin Johnson

Part 12: My ‘end of era’ tribute

I’d like to acknowledge all of my family and friends, guests, listeners, everyone at 88.3 Southern FM and all who supported me throughout those years.

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast.

All the best,

Mark Copolov



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  • Hi Mark – what a super interview u conducted. Apologies for some over-long answers. Still, I loved it at the time & even more listening back. AND I’m going to listen to all the others listed. Look, it might not matter, but where it says “tagged” & names are listed I appear as “Musolion” instead of Musolino. If it matters… actually, wish I was a lion instead of lino!!!! But again, long live the Copolov & may u hit the radio waves big-time in Sin City so I’ll be able to say seeing ur face on a massive billboard one day: “U know, I actually met that guy once!” And no one will believe me… Well, done. Massive career. Cheers, Walter (on behalf of the whole band who were listening on the night & enjoying it. PS I think Crimson Ink got the vote later in a 3-2 split decision!)

  • Hi Walter, good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comments. I’ve always said, ‘I’m not the star, my guests are’! Sorry about the mistake, it’s now corrected. I know how to spell but not type well! Good luck with the band & keep in touch. BTW, I still much prefer ‘Soundwaves’! All the very best, Mark mcopolov1@nullbigpond.com

  • Thanks so much for the blog post.

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