Roger Hart (Roger Wells) of The Little Heroes Podcast on Purple Haze

On this Podcast Mark Naumann from Purple Haze talks to Roger Hart (aka Roger Wells) about his favorite songs from 80’s band ‘The Little Heroes’. This is 2 hours of chat and music including the classic hit ‘One Perfect Day’. Roger discusses each track and how they came about. This is Australian 80’s classic rock as good as it gets.

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5 thoughts on “Roger Hart (Roger Wells) of The Little Heroes Podcast on Purple Haze”

  1. Brilliant interview. I am a huge Little Heroes fan and especially love Roger’s lyrics. He also wrote a great book called “Levin’s God”. “Play By Numbers” one of my 5 all time favourite albums.

  2. Thanks for great interview. Loved the Heroes and could almost recite all lyrics from 2 albums at least. Still have the cassette of Watch the World but can’t play it and can’t find on CD or iTunes ????. So, really great to hear all those awesome songs again. Thanks to Southern FM for organising.

  3. uh am just trying to find where the button is to listen to this podcast- Roger Hart/Wells..??? should be obvious, am i missing something???

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