Join OZ Rock legend Jon Blanchfield as discusses his fab pop career commencing by having the Bee Gees write & produce his first record. Jon also recorded singles backed by classic OZ rock bands such as The Groop & Axiom.


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  • Love this. Jon Blanchfield was my favourite pop singer. I saw him at The Electric Circus and Festival Hall in Brisbane and also at a restaurant. I met him once at Chris Kite’s coffee shop near the Electric Circus. Great to hear all the stories and songs. I found a couple of early records over the last few years and his album was the first album I bought. Good to hear Reach for the Sun as it is not on the album.

  • stumbled onto this reference to the coffee shop. many great memories of going there just about every night

  • Yes, Chris Kite was friendly. He was walking in front of us and heard us talking after leaving the Electric Circus. He turned and said ‘come into the camber’ and I think he told Jon when he arrived that he had some fans, so he came over and sat down with us for a little while. Great memories.

  • Sorry, computer changed my wording. ‘come into the cazbar’ was what it was supposed to be. Oh, it was changed again, so I fixed it now, hopefully.

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