TONIGHT! Wednesday 31st July 2019 – 8-10pm, Purple Haze with Mark Copolov on 88.3 Southern FM, Melbourne, Australia – Beatles cover band Come Together, James MacDonald, Jacobs Run and Peter Freebairn

On this version of ‘Purple Haze’, I’ll have:

  • Live-in the-studio:
    • Beatles cover band Come Together
    • James MacDonald
    • Jacobs Run
    • Peter Freebairn

Beatles cover band Come Together:


Phil Smith presents the music of his all time favourite band, The Beatles. Over 60 Sold Out shows, so far, have had audiences raving. Joining Phil onstage are Keyboard maestro Cres Crisp, Gary Young on guitar and vocals, & Nigel Davis on Drums & Vocals.

This amazing line-up promise a Magical Mystery Tour through the Fab’s repertoire, utilising great vocals and some unplugged arrangements of classic songs.

James MacDonald:

James is a founding & current member of Australia’s top Abba cover band, Babba. On this show, James wil be playing some original songs as well as some covers

Jacobs Run:

Jacobs Run will be playing some original songs.

Here’s the band’s bio:

After just one week of release, Melbourne indie rock band jacobs run’s new single Superman is the #2 Most Streamed and the #4 Most Downloaded on the Australian Play MPE Top 20 Singles Charts today! See links here:

“We are absolutely over the moon and are extremely grateful for the support national radio has given us to date!” – Jacobs run. Featuring layers of guitar, infectious melodic hooks and glorious harmonies, Superman is another fine example of the exceptional songwriting talents of singer songwriter Michael Jacobs. In addition to Australia, the band’s previous singles, Hold On A Minute, Use, Sleepwalking, Better Days and So Beautiful have also attracted generous airplay across the USA and Canada. In October 2018 and again in March this year, the band embarked on promotional trips to the USA to support the positive attention they’re receiving there; performing industry showcase gigs in Los Angeles and New York, as well as playing a number of promotional shows in Texas, where the band are building a loyal following. The band will return to the US for a run of shows February 2020.

While in America, jacobs run were featured in the US trade publication, Radioinfo Talkers/Radioinfo Music Editor, Duane Doobie Jr. wrote, “jacob run’s music blends layers of  guitar and orchestration with organic classical melodies creating a powerful sound that highlights their Brit Pop influences while showcasing the Australian indie/alt-rock scene. The single’ Sleepwalking’ has the drive of a James Bond soundtrack that worms its way to listeners’ ears just as offerings from similar artists, Oasis and Snow Patrol have done repeatedly within the genre”. Superman was released via Play Mpe Thursday 27th June, with their debut album scheduled for a September release. Jacobs run are; Michael Jacobs (guitar/vocals), Fabian Bucci (drums) and Peter Curigliano (bass)
Jacobs run EPK:

Peter Freebairn:

Peter will be performing some original songs from his self-titled new release.


Melbourne singer, songwriter, guitarist Peter Freebairn, has recorded his first solo work in the form of a self-titled six-track EP. Freebairn first came to prominence in the early 2000s with his band The Wish. After signing a lucrative publishing agreement with BMG, The Wish recorded with Daniel Jones (Savage Garden) in the producers chair which resulted in the national radio hits; Love Is Alive, Gotta Let You Know and Don’t Change.

 Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, Peter was moved to write the heartfelt song, Faith Alive. The songs lyrics encourage people to keep their faith alive through times of grief, loss and tragedy.  In 2006, the US comedy drama TV program Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip picked up the song, which made a big impact on US viewers. The program starred Matthew Perry who made his name playing the role of Chandler in the long-running US hit comedy series Friends.

When The Wish disbanded in 2006, Freebairn formed popular rock band Radio Vertigo who independently released the critically acclaimed album, Town Of Deceivers.

The new EP is another fine example of Freebairn’s exceptional melodic songwriting, musicianship and vocal abilities. The songs on the new EP are largely written about love and loss. The track Billy is a beautiful heart-warming tribute to Peter’s Dad.










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