The Space Show

Andrew Rennie’s The Space Show Wednesday 7pm – 8pm

Andrew Rennie had his radio debut at the age of five when he was interviewed on 3ZB Christchurch about what he had been doing during the school holidays. Three decades later interviews about space on Radio Pacific and 1ZB Auckland led to interviews on Television One.

One day he and a bunch of friends were whingeing about the lack of coverage of spaceflight on TV, when someone suggested they make their own. When the issue of who should research the programme was raised, everyone pointed to Andrew. Later, when film and images needed to be collected, everyone pointed to Andrew. Materials collected, a script had to be written, and you guessed, … Likewise a producer, presenter, and interviewer was selected by the group in the same manner. The resulting half hour documentary was broadcast on South Pacific Television.

A decade later a bunch of folks were sitting around bemoaning that there as no coverage of space on radio in Melbourne. They realistically realised that commercial radio would never carry any programming of the sort and put idea of a programme about space into the impossible dream basket. Then, in early 1991, up popped a number of community radio stations. Radio 3SCB (then in the process of morphing into 88.3 Southern FM) was contacted, and yes, they were interested, and by the way, could we start this weekend? And so it was that The Space Show began at Easter of 1991 with four presenters, one of them Andrew. Twentynine years on he is still at it, bringing the excitement of space and astronomy to whoever wants to listen.

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  • Hello Andrew

    We met at the Harry Hawker stand at RAAF Point Cook, I have some information about our open day at the Box Cottage and other events. I have had a reply from Paulin However re our discussion I would like to send info directly.
    Jim Dale City of Moorabbin HS

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