The Music Director

Name : Petar Tolich
Show : The Music director
Email :
Grid Position : Wednesday 09.00 – 11.00

The Show is about new Music…..all styles from country to dance…..
Test your Shazam ….. I Hope to beat it every week.

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  • Hey Peter, Love your show, I tune in every Wednesday, thanks for such a great range of music.

  • Hi Petar

    I have been contacted by Andrew Wrigglesworth who tells me he has spoken to you about taking over the slot on Thursdays 2 to 4 which I’d be thrilled to do.

    Please let me know about station membership and training. Simon Imrei said he will help if required


  • Hi Petar,
    From Dave Susskind
    Member of our Radio Station.
    On Thursday the 14th of November 2019.
    I received a phone call
    From Robyn Payne she is lead singer of her Band.
    Called Roxanne they all do Police Songs.
    I had the pleasure of seeing Robyn and her Sensational Rock Band they are awesome.
    I’m saw them at the Oakleigh Lounge in Atherton Oakleigh.
    Back on Saturday 16th of November 2019.
    Robyn would like an Interview
    Petar and I’m only too happy to pass on Robyn’s Details.
    When you have a free moment.
    You can read me Petar on
    My Mobile Phone Number.
    Which is 0409 588 892
    Hope we can interview Robyn
    Live, or by phone.
    Cheers Petar,
    From Dave Susskind.
    Kindest Regards to you Petar.

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