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Discussion this week includes –

(15 mins 13 seconds)
Feeling ‘naughty’ now we are’ let out’ – Are you bananas?
Get up, Get out – Vicki’s long weekend on the beach in the garden and walking. Jo talks about her hesitancy in moving around now we have been ‘let out’ just like when we were at school and we weren’t allowed to wear earrings, the feeling of doing something wrong after months of being in lockdown. This leads to a discussion on Jo’s radical ways at school, her feelings of injustice
Are you bananas? Two Natural ladies feel a bit bananas while sharing the delights of the mainly yellow fruit. Plantains for cooking, colours diverse from green, brown, purple red and yellow.
Did you know bananas:
*are slightly radioactive?
*can help with blood pressure; heart health and energy levels
*banana skins soaked in water for 48 hours –use the water to enhance your potted plants
And then Jo and Vicki discuss a number of recipes and ways of eating banana.
Jo shares a whole range of “did you know information from the confectionary company’s wrappers – after her son Michael had a lolly binge. Information on birds; astronauts; crickets; octopus and Russia. Listen in to find out more ?.

(12 mins 34 seconds)
Technical difficulties and how to wing it! Including stories about the garden and “When the TV Broke”
Two Natural ladies guest, Graeme Johnstone is unable to be connected. After a lengthy intro by Vicki, while Jo tries to work out the problem, Vicki shares more about her adventures in the garden. Jo and Vicki certainly know how to entertain and think on their feet while dealing with a problem!
After many attempts Two Natural Ladies wave the white flag and Jo reads a beloved book “When the TV broke” discussing boredom and screen free days

(5 mins 26 seconds)
Eureka! A Chat with Graeme Johnstone including the poet reading -of an ode to Two Natural Ladies
Graeme Johnstone is an announcer on 88.3 Southern FM and was connected to Jo & Vicki through Pauline O’Brien (another Southern FM announcer). Graeme and his partner have been very busy during Covid writing two poetry books each. Some of the poems come from the weekly poems Graeme shares on his radio show ‘Friday Magazine’, others were created while in isolation at home. WE all sing Pauline’s praises and Graeme reads his poem a bit of an ‘ode’ to Two Natural Ladies, sharing their vision and commitment to people and our environment.

(13 minutes)
Creating Solutions for our planet: So much exciting innovative ways to heal our planet
Two Natural Ladies started with Damon Gameau’s discussion on edible trees. Researchers looked at 600 trees with leaves that have more nutrients than store bought veggies AND assist with reducing carbon in our atmosphere. Jo & Vicki made a pact to watch the movie ‘Kiss The Ground’. Although this movie at the start is quite depressing by the end you will feel uplifted. In the ‘developed’ world we are creating more and more dust bowls through over and antiquated farming, pesticides and not diversifying. The good news is more and more farmers are using regenerative
farming, creating more food per acre and the soil, which is so important for our future becomes healthier as does the plant life. A great example of a famer who for 4 years in a row had failing crops. He researched sustainable practices and his farm is now thriving
Can we create edible nature strips? Two Natural ladies brainstorm ideas and what we need to do to have this become a reality.
A brief discussion on the film ‘The Social Dilemma and getting of our screens!

Ashleigh Williams-Strong: What happened on the way to Isolation

(16mins and 28 sec)
Two Natural Ladies have a chat with Vicki’s 2nd daughter Ashley, her experience of being in lock down and what she created during this time.
Books written early in her life have been recreated “My Not So Best Friend” a tale of anxiety and sleep and finding ways to deal with this. What we go through is valid. Depression can’t be seen and so for many it doesn’t exist. Blaming ourselves and feeling we have to “shake ourselves” out of it.
Apart from her books, Ash has been writing blogs and started a new business. Like many others Ash has learned to enjoy her own company and find new ways to earn money.
B.C. Before Co-vid Ash was so busy – the isolation enabled Ash to open up her creative side
And then Ash’s epiphany that lead to joining Vicki and Jo who have both had a business for 30 years selling Australian Eco products!
Anxiety: A world phenomenon

(8 mins 46 sec)
Two Natural Ladies discuss anxiety a worldwide phenomenon:
Vicki’s daughter Ash was not able to eat in public; Vicki’s anxiety as a young adult; Jo’s 2nd son Michael’s anxieties from a very early age till now.
JO and Vicki then explore the best way to deal with these anxieties; find something that you like every day – Deborah Pascoe had coffee, Jo has Two Natural Ladies, Michael has exercise.
Say no to drugs! Deborah Pascoe in her book Vive shared how her doctor suggested prescription drugs. “But won’t I get addicted?” “We will work that out later” Numbs the pain but also numbs me.
Jo’s son was introduced to prescription drugs at 18 during a stint in rehab. The wrong drugs were prescribed and large doses. This lead to 9 years of a roller coaster ride of a cocktail of prescription and illicit drugs.
Sometimes a prescription drug can help – Vicki at 17 went to the doctor, took a ¼ of the anti-anxiety drugs he suggested and then found natural ways to get herself out of the funk. For many people the drug is a way of not feeling the feelings – eventually they will come out.
And what’s this about Oedipus Platypus?
A snippet: Aesthetics of food & fashion – Nina Gbor

(3mins 16 seconds)
Two Natural Ladies begins the conversation sharing Nina’s discussion on what we eat and what we wear and the correlation with these and sustainability. Fast Food Fast fashion. Over consumption of both. Convenience of mass produced food and fashion. In our quest to make our lives easier we have created a huge problem. Vicki & Jo talk about the invention of the washing machine – making it easier for us?
Women’s mental health deteriorated without the social interaction. What’s the answer?
“Sometimes the greatest way to say something is say nothing at all” Justin Timberlake

(12 mins 25 seconds)
Gossip creates upset – don’t respond! We have two ears and one mouth – learning when to respond and when to just listen.
Two Natural Ladies share their latest poem and then Vicki reads the book “The Boy who Saved the Whale” by Kellie Myroki, which leads to Jo’s rant on dolphins and whales in captivity. Did you know that the bent fins is usually a sign of depression or illness in these magnificent mammals?
Vicki and Jo finish with a discussion of worms, compost.

(Show 63 – November 3)

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