Two Natural Ladies Podcast 85 – The UP side of Down & Sustainability

Our show this week includes – two “on air” chats with Two amazing ladies –

Tamra Mercieca –

We start with talking about The Upside of Down, which is essentially where her healing story begins.

Since then, life has been a journey of overcoming depression, then leaving her full time radio gig to start the Getting Naked School, where she teaches people how to fall in love with themselves, and in the process heal such issues as depression. She used the teachings of self-love to clear relationship barriers to attract in my awesome husband (been together for 10 years this year) and resulted in her second book Getting Naked – The Dating Game.

Then went on a journey of healing precancerous cells in her cervix, that’s when her practice Yoga for the Vag*na was born, along with a massive exploration into women’s health. She started teaching this at festivals, then a year after getting married, got pregnant with her son – who is now 3. Had a beautiful , but super quick 3.5 hour home water birth. Then a year into his life they moved to France. Lived there for two years and now just moved to the UK! That’s it in a nutshell! Listen to the convo for more juicy discussion 🙂

Donna Cameron –

A mutual friend and Zero waste influencer, Nina Gbor, introduced us to Donna and said we just had to have her on. And reading her bio we agreed here what she says…

“It’s time to confront our addiction to excessive fashion consumption and restore some equilibrium.

Personal style specialist, Donna Cameron, both loves fashion and hates that Australians discard 6000 kg of clothing every TEN MINUTES, so she’s written a book outlining a better way to consume fashion while not forgoing the fun.

Many think if you can’t afford to dress head to toe in sustainable fashion then you may as well give up; but not Donna. In her new book, COLOUR: the secret to creating a Sustainable Wardrobe, Donna outlines a process anyone can use to create a loved AND sustainable wardrobe.

No stranger to sustainability (she won a UN Award in 2000 for co-producing the best environmental TV program and has hosted ethical fashion tours since 2017), Donna says, “the most sustainable garment is the one you love and wear a LOT”.

We go on to discuss Donna’s book, the connection between compulsive fashion shopping and environmental degradation, how we can use colour to build a cohesive, functional and beautiful wardrobe, the elements of colour, how do they relate to humans and how can they be used to make a wardrobe more sustainable and how can we all contribute to tackling socio-economic inequality and bring about positive change for people and planet…plus more

Other show highlights include-

Discussion around whether we need more sleep – or more inspiration??…

“No we don’t need more sleep. It’s our souls that are tired, not our bodies. We need nature. We need magic. We need adventure. We need freedom. We need truth. We need stillness. We don’t need more sleep, we need to wake up and live.” Brooke Hampton


Zero Waste Chef a top 10 zero waste influencer

By thinking like Grandma and using every last bit of our food, we can elevate these scraps to their rightful designation in our kitchens: ingredients.

Listen in for these…

Plus so much more – including joke of the week 🙂


Recorded May 11. 2021

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