Two Natural Ladies Podcast 87 – Girl Power !!

5 Women – 2 hours – amazing conversations – not enough time !!!

But we gave it a red hot go anyway 🙂


Putting the power back in people’s hands

Two Natural Ladies discuss an article by Lizzie Riveria, writing about the fashion industry

The statistic are terrible! 35 million women are exploited by the Richest in Fashion. It’s time to put the power back in people’s hands ….

Who Made Your Clothes? 10 Ways To Fight Fast Fashion

The exploitation and the throw away mentality

Some fashion gets thrown out before they get sold.

Complexities of the fashion industry

  • 15,000 litres of water to grow the cotton for one pair of jeans and more than 100 million new items of clothes are being produced every year.
  • clothes are among the items most at risk of being produced through modern slavery.
  • More than 170,000 people asked the question #whomademyclothes on social media during Fashion Revolution Week last year.
  • Fashion industry second most polluting industry in the world (what’s the first?)
  • “Will I wear it a minimum of 30 times?”
  • Buy second hand; clothes swapping
  • 73% of the 53 million tonnes of fibres used to make clothes and textiles are burnt or sent to landfill every single year. Consider before buying

Don’t quit if you fall off the Wagon – everything you do makes a difference

For more information go to BICBIM:

15:50 – 40.25

The future of fashion could make a world of difference

Two Natural Ladies have an inspiring chat and get education on fashion with Nina Gbor who is now one of the Top 10 sustainable Influencers as well as top10 zero waste influencers. Nina is an Eco Stylist, Fashion Climate Activist, Speaker, Founder of Eco Styles and Clothes Swap & Style

Vicki and Jo start by finding out how Nina became interested in fashion. Nina’s mum introduced Nina as a child to 50’s films and she loved what the women were wearing. Nina created her own unique style mixing second hand and vintage with modern. This naturally created a sustainable circular fashion business.

Two Natural Ladies and Nina discuss Op shop gentrification, how some Op shops are becoming more expensive, no longer available for those who it was originally created for – the more vulnerable. Second hand clothing will become bigger than fast fashion – this has to be good? More opportunities now but people can be ostracised.

What if we systemised clothes swaps? In schools for instance as kids grow they can swap with each other, mums, babies religious groups finding ways to save money and the amount of textiles that go to landfill.

Thinking about how to use what you buy from Op Shops. Ask yourself will I wear it 30 times? Let’s fix the greater problems in the fashion industry

Jo & Vicki ask Nina about her roles as an activist? Nina educates via events, she writes articles on Eco Styles and ‘The Wardrobe Crisis – a great source for sustainable education and innovative ideas. Nina does talks in schools and in her everyday life as Nina’s own fashion is quite individual people naturally ask her about the clothes she wears

Some incredible Statistics:

150 billion garment are made every year yet there are only 8.7billion people on the planet. We are plundering and pillaging the earth.

6000 kilograms of textiles going to landfill every 10 minutes

We need legislative change– international legislation and trade agreements AND consumer activism

To find out more go to Nina Gbor’s Instagram Eco.styles and


47:22 – 51:50

Mind Set:” If you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right”

Two natural Ladies An opinion can create wars. Being right can destroy ourselves and the planet. There isn’t any ‘truth’ what there is, is a lot of opinions. And when we do listen to each other often what we find is we are saying the same thing just coming from a different place.

Vicki and Jo discuss P.E.T (Parent Effectiveness Training) and our values. Often we come from a different perspective and our values are the same. Opportunities of connectedness are missed when we want to be right at any cost.

53:53 – 1:22:26

Wise women rise: The unexpected outcomes for 35 women. Different but the same

Marina Pitisano & Vicki Gotsis-Ceraso Vicki began supporting people through her relationship with her autistic son. Women sharing their stories, dealing with challenges, supporting each other. Vicki used her skills as a holistic therapist talking to women on Zoom about their pivotal moments. All experiences are of value and can help move past things – cathartic!

Marina was curious about being part of the book – she had no idea what an emotional journey it would be. Going through a process that will give you the opportunity to release and see things differently. Unexpected outcomes -shame moved to forgiveness and surrender

Sharing intimate parts of their lives which becomes a legacy. Such a beautiful gift to leave for daughters and future women.

Life is going to throw us curve balls – the wisdom we can get from such events. The self-reflections that can come from all the experiences we can share. Women in particular don’t see themselves as wise and this book gave 35 women the opportunity to share their stories the vulnerability and courage has had such a profound affect for them.

Vicki is committed to continuing her journey with giving women the opportunity to speak. And maybe the men too J

To find out more contact Vicki Gotsis-Ceraso  or Marina Pitisano


Snippet 1:25:58 (after I say ‘Your with the two natural ladies’) -1:28 48

Two Natural Ladies discuss the issue of 6000 women in Australia facing insecure housing and homelessness. Fortunately there are communities doing something about this! The Byron shire in Byron Bay have declared a housing crisis with almost 200 people known to be sleeping rough and are now doing something about it! Creating temporary tiny homes whilst supporting these people in finding permanent homing

Creating communities through tiny homes or offering a room in your home as Homeshare Melbourne facilitates. Carla and her team are finding more permanent homes for people in precarious living arrangements.  The win-win for the person offering their home and the person getting some secure housing – a home!

1:28:58 (after our intro) -1:40

It really does matter! Our connections, our vulnerabilities and our strength

How exciting Two Natural Ladies finally had a face to face with all their knitters. Chatting and clickity clacking sharing a meal and reconnecting! Everyone had a ball and more blankets, beanies and scarves are now ready to be donated to a local charity.

JO reads out a Knitting poem by Adrian the Two Natural Ladies resident poet.

And then Vicki reads some information from an article:

‘More than half of Victoria’s councils have signed up to a new partnership that will see them pool their energy contracts to tackle climate change and slash electricity prices so more money can be spent on local services.’

This somehow leads to ‘The Potato strength’ a must for anyone out of shape! Can you hold a 100 pound potato bag in each hand? Find out how LOL

And then Jo shares a beautiful poem by Donna Ashworth From the poetry collection



To the woman who looks around and wonders why everyone else is so much more capable, so much stronger, so much more ambitious than her.

To the woman who thinks everyone else is blazing a fiery path through this thing we call life, while she limps behind, barely getting through the days.

Somewhere, another woman is looking at you thinking exactly the same.

You see, we all look like we’re kinda nailing it, from the outside in.

We all look ‘together’ sometimes.

Catch us on the right day and hey, we look like we have it all.

Because guess what, we learned to look that way a long time ago.

We learned to hide our struggles behind a smile and whack on that mask every day.

And actually, we are doing each other a favour when we show up,

just as we are,

warts and all,




What we really need to see is that we are all the same.

We all struggle.

We all fall apart.

Some days we nail it, other days we get nailed.

By hiding our own weaknesses, fears, worries, we give them more power.

If you let it out, shine a light on it all, it becomes so much less scary, funny even…

And goodness only knows we need to laugh.

So, to the woman who wonders if she is good enough…

If this is you.

Yes you are.

You always were.

You don’t have to live up to everyone’s expectation of how you should be coping.

You are human, flawed, wonderful, miraculous, loveable, loved.

I see you,

Now do me a favour and go see all the others too.

Spread the word, we are good enough, just as we are.’

Recorded May 25 2021

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