Two Natural Ladies podcast 88 – Tree Hugging, Puppy Loving, Standing Together – That’s When We All Win!

If you are feeling anxious, sad, or drained, try hugging a tree and allow her vast amount of grounding energy to assist you.


Two Natural Ladies intro starts with some giggles – including the aliens.

From there Jo and Vicki ask – do aliens hug trees? Well what are the benefits? The energy that is created when we connect with the tree. And how does energy work? What are we able to control?

Thank your tree for its energy. Then onto some reality …’Lord of the Rings’ and the Ents loved by many but not by all (LOL)

Grounding of the trees grounding you by walking on the sand or in the water or in the grass with no shoes.

Wow do these women move conversations: Bindi in the grass, head lice in your kids hair …You will never be bored listening to Vicki & Jo


Resistance is futile

Resistance is always a fight; it is the opposite of acceptance and surrender.”

Tracy Crossley

People feeling mistrust when they feel they are being sold to. Suspicion and resistance. Two Natural Ladies offer an amazing range of products and are coming from a heartfelt place. Yet people doubt and don’t believe

This leads to Vicki and Jo not being able to be themselves, feeling ‘shut down’ and treated in a certain way. Concerned they will be ostracised. When we are excited and want to share. Give people an opportunity to say

If we could see that we are blocking ourselves from an opportunity but on the flip side we need to protect ourselves from somethings and we can get overwhelmed – comes down to finding a balance that works for us

Jo and Vicki somehow connect this to the ‘No Junk Mail’ people have on their letter boxes.

It doesn’t take long for paper to break down. How do the

Plastic bottle 100-1,000 years, fishing lines 600years 400 years for a nappy paper is 2-4 weeks how long things take to break down. Orange Peel 2 years!


Two Natural Ladies enquire …’How did Mother Theresa do it?’ Did she just have this ‘care for others’ gene that was there all the time?

Did she ever think “what about me?” certainly there were an abundance of people for her to care for?

Jo then shares her trip to India and how the beggars affected her – no matter what I do it’s never going to be enough’ and a beautiful story about her boyfriend helping a family in Kolkata (Calcutta). Are there some people with their giving gene than others? Vicki asks Jo about her voice in her head and what was Mother Theresa’s head chatter?

What’s the alternative when you are overwhelmed? Do nothing? Then no one is helped.


Two Natural Ladies discuss the Green Granny Smith apple

Did you know there are 90 chemical compounds in a granny smith apple? These apples are versatile and are just as good cooked or raw.

Jo did some stewing and Vicki made sausage rolls with apples.

Apple cider, apple pie & crumble, stuffing for pork, cakes and puddings, vinegar

A bit of fun


Rob the Fruiterer: get all your micro-organisms and never go to the doctor

Two Natural Ladies

Two Natural Ladies have a wonderful chat with Rob the fruter. They star with a discussion about the fruit market where he goes to buy all his produce. It is not like Queen Vic Market !It’s more like Tullamarine – in size! 700,000 square feet, with forklifts, sleep deprived people- It’s a different world and it is opened 24/7!

There is no order to where things are and it’s very much about the relationships the fruiter and suppliers have. There is not much order to where people are located so for Rob he may have to walk a kilometer to find all he wants. The stalls are numbered from 1-160 plus there are warehouses on the outside and a 9000 car carpark.

Jo, Vicki and Rob discuss WHY organic? Research between food and cancer and the way our body processes food. For example an organic tomato has many times more iron than the non-organic. Micro organisms killed off

The flavor is so different but it is more expensive. How much is our heath worth? People feel better eating organic. Long term the health benefits Certain times of the year when certain organic foods are cheaper. A lose rule of thumb – the leafier the product the more it is spray. Check out ‘the dirty dozen’ to find the top 12 things you should eat organically. A quick discussion about the granny smith apple and its versatility. Go to for more information


Puppy Love: Canine Myotherapist – doggie massage and body support

Two Natural Ladies have a wonderful discussion with Sandra and her passion for dogs.

In 2012 Sandra did her training

What is Myotherapy? Physical therapy which includes strengthening exercises. Great for arthritis. Some breeds are more prone to injuries. Slow down the degenerative process. Prevention is the best way generally starting at 4-5 for a medium size dog.

The same principle as humans, eat well, stay active and the dog will be fitter for longer. Jo asked Sandra about dogs and pain. From a scale of 1-10, humans start complaining at 4, dogs don’t start showing their pain to 7 – they just soldier on! The pack mentality also plays a part

If you are keeping track of their posture, gait, weight baring one side more than other, hesitations to jump. All these are signs something is wrong.

Sandra also discusses the benefits of myotherapy after surgery to build up muscle mass and avoid secondary injuries. Vicki shares her stories of her dog Molly and Sandra and the difference Sandra has made.

Sandra shared her recommendation for diet from puppies on. Start feeding an appropriate diet – species appropriate. Meat and veggies. Organ meat are the multi vitamins.  Changing to raw feed see physical changes

Weight management. Dogs don’t have the rational thinking so it’s up to the owner to take responsibility as it is very important for dogs to be lean. The fat produces a protein that’s inflammatory and causes problems for our dogs joints. You can find Sandra at:


Two Natural ladies begin this podcast talking about happy endorphins! When we do things for others such as volunteering we feel uplifted

Singing also gives happy feelings and Vicki tells a wonderful story about a man in one room for a year and how singing seemed to help him.

Jo & Vicki share the wisdom of Deborah Pascoe from her book ‘Vive’ Dancing and music can make such a difference. Why don’t we volunteer more when we know it is of benefit to us and those we help?

Things that are counter intuitive to what works.


“When we could feed a starving world, With what we throw away
But all we serve are empty words, That always taste the same”
– Nickleback

When we work together we can achieve so much. Two Natural Ladies discuss Helen Keller and Steven Hawkings and other inspiring people who against all odds have achieved so much and made a difference to so many

From here things slide into the world of drink. Jo admits she is thinking of taking up drinking! Well the idea seems nice. A relaxing glass of wine. Vicki loves a wine and admits she hid her glass in the cupboard (it wasn’t 5pm yet!)– on a particular Thursday when the stress levels of Victoria had crescendo and her husband discovers her hidden wine.

This podcast finishes with a chat about a library in Denmark where you can borrow a person for half an hour and hear their story.  Can we re-borrow them for longer? The idea of this is to fight prejudice. Each person has a title: unemployed; refugee; bipolar etc –“you shouldn’t judge a book by a cover”.

Allowing everyone to have their way and that ultimately we all want the same thing. The heart of the matter is love.

A great podcast that sends us on a journey of discovery


Recorded June 1, 2021

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