Two Natural Ladies Show 69 Podcast – the conversation and banter contiues…

The conversation and banter continues…

Topics include self doubt, hormones, community, parenting and more…
“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside”John Glover-Kind
Two Natural Ladies chat about hanging out with the kids and the dogs at the beach and the energy of play
Vicki shares some poetry
Getting out and walking and feeling that lightness
Enjoy this snippet of life by the sea

3:18 – 13:33 10mins 15secs
“Excellence is a Habit not a single act” Ivan Misner
Jo talks about her doubts about herself – about Two Natural Ladies. Are we making a difference? Is what we do worthwhile? This leads to a discussion of the big goals Vicki & Jo have and the ‘breakdowns’ and breakthroughs necessary to get where we want to get.
We will all have challenges and:
Stick to your lane
Be persistent
Stay confident
Keep that desire to succeed
Don’t try to be perfect
It’s in these every day, daily rituals that transformation happened.
‘Excellence is a habit not a single act’
Two Natural ladies discuss being grateful for what we have. Just be you! It sounds so easy to say ‘be yourself’, acknowledge your wonderfulness and yet it is just as easy to find fault in ourselves.
Not giving up is a big factor in anyone’s success, whether it’s finding a home, or succeeding in business. Oprah was fired from her job, KFC founder didn’t have success till his 60’s
It’s never too late – just don’t quit!
We hope you enjoy this podcast

16:12 -30:22 (14 mins 8 secs)
Be yourself and make your heart soar
Two Natural Ladies discuss their upcoming book and the tricky road to being yourself and acceptable.
It sounds so easy when you hear the words ‘Just be yourself. Don’t worry what other people think. Just be you. Acknowledge your wonderfulness.’
But it’s not easy at all.
We all struggle to feel ok and not get caught up with the internal monologues that plague us, whispering ‘I should be thinner / smarter / talk less / talk more..’ We automatically compare ourselves to the other people around us and, more often than not, find ourselves lacking.
But I’m the only me I have, so it’s important to accept who I am. And, what’s so ironic is that while I’m busy thinking I should be more like ‘Jane’, because she exercises, always eats well, cooks homemade delights, sews, knits and loves gardening, someone else is looking at me thinking ‘Why can’t I be more like Jo?’

Jo & Vicki discuss finding your tribe- those that will have your back.
We are humans walking around with voices in our head and we have to navigate the internal and external worlds
Then conversing with others who also have their internal conversations. When there is conflict it usually isn’t what we think it is. If we can get out of the way and listen, we often find what we thought was the issue isn’t actually the issue
We will go to war over ‘the truth’ – and when we look back at decision made 25 years ago do we think they are still ‘right’?
Two Natural Ladies talk about Sally Wilson’s discussion on her website, I am Sally
“From early childhood, we start taking on beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. These unconscious core beliefs form our identity, drive our decisions and shape who we are.
Have you ever thought…
• I’m not good enough.
• I don’t deserve love or respect.
• If I try, I’m going to fail.
• Life’s just too damn hard.
Those are unconscious beliefs. And those sneaky little suckers manifest in self-sabotaging behaviours that compromise your wellbeing and success. Over time, these negative thoughts will accumulate in your body and weigh you down.
The result? Feeling heavy, stressed out, and well and truly over it.”
Two Natural Ladies finish this podcast with a poem about who they are
34:30-40:00 (5 mins 30secs)
Helping others is helping ourselves
Two Natural ladies discuss participating with others and concentrating on their needs and how this helps us.
Simonne Whine founder of Nextgen Philanthropy, shared how in the moments of feeling down, she organised for her and her children to make ‘goodies’ packs for those in need. Through finding something to do and concentrating on others, her endorphins kicked in and she felt better.
Jo & Vicki talk about all the wonderful people they have met and chatted with and the difference these people are making in the world – it is truly inspiring
Please enjoy
“What the world need now is Love sweet love” Burt Bacharach
Vicki and Jo are in love with humanity and all is right with the world and then BAM, something happens. Two Natural Ladies become upset, sad and forget that feeling of love and appreciation. At these times we need to bring Joy and Compassion to ourselves and others.
Grab your ‘tool box’ that help get us out of the quagmire: exercise, uplifting music, quotes calling a friend.
The younger generation now do so much of their communicating via text – Two Natural Ladies discuss connecting with their families using the ways that work. Texting leads to a quick discussing about the movie ‘The Social Dilemma’ where they shine a light on our fixation and dependency on technology.
The good the bad and the ugly is discussed in this podcast – enjoy
52:52- 1:19:49
Navigating our hormonal systems and finding what’s right for our bodies.
Two Natural Ladies have a very informative discussion with Aimee Lewis from Flow Naturopathy on what is ‘normal’ for women’s menstrual cycles.
Aimee’s journey started with her own issues as she took herself off ‘the pill’ after seven years. What she discovered was how much ‘the pill’ disrupts our natural hormones. It causes confusion between our brain and ovaries and stops the natural hormones. This affects so much more than reproduction.
Jo & Vicki explore with Aimee her realisation that knowledge was empowerment and control. Educating ourselves, through the knowledge of people like Aimee, helps us to work out what’s right for us. Making an informed decision about what kind of contraception to use.
Aimee is obsessed with periods and loves talking about women’s cycles
Two Natural Ladies chat with Aimee about normalising discussion of periods – after all it affects half the population for the world for about half their life! AND because we don’t talk about, women don’t know what is normal or not normal.
If you feel you are not being heard find someone else. A holistic practitioner can work in with your doctor to make sure all areas are considered when dealing with issues. Vicki and Jo ask ís our modern lifestyle affecting our hormones? “Yes is the answer
Lack of Sleep; Diet eating too much processed foods; Exercise and relaxation, reduce our stress; Pollution and Chemicals affect our endocrine system and are playing havoc with our systems!
This is a must hear Podcast for all women between 15-50+
1:23:20- 1:26:10 ( 2 mins 50secs)
Mental health and Physical health go hand in hand
Two Natural Ladies discuss the issues for couples trying to get pregnant and the stress it causes when they don’t. It is hard to get pregnant when you are stressed and when you don’t get pregnant you get stressed! Vicki & Jo also discuss the dilemma for those who can’t or don’t have kids and those who do
A quickie with a great message
1:29:15- 1:41:50
We’re only human!
Jo & Vicki discuss how as mums we compare ourselves with others. As mums we often look at other mums and think they are doing a better job. We are always trying to do it ‘right’. Whether its discipline, education, keeping the house tidy, playing with the kids, we are forever doubting ourselves and thinking others have it handled.
Two Natural Ladies talk about the lack of a manual for each child – why isn’t there one? Navigating how to do all the millions of things we need to do as parents throughout a child’s life and try and do it right. We are only human!
Trying to have a date night and falling asleep!
Vicki & Jo continue with this discussion of doing it right and then BAM, our darlings reach an age and now hate us! It certainly takes resilience to be a parent!
Working out which battles to fight and remembering we are not raising perfect humans, like their Mums and Dads, they are flawed.
And then when you feel you can take no more – ‘The perfect moment “happens. The children are all playing and laughing and having such fun – It’s like a postcard and we want to hold onto it but it quickly slips through our fingers and a fight ensues, or someone gets upset and the moment is gone.
Parenting is certainly not for the feint hearted
We hope you enjoy this exploration into the world of parenting

Show 69 – December 15, 2020

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