Two Natural Ladies Show 76 Podcast – just like solving all the problems of the world over a cuppa :-)

Two Natural Ladies Show 76 Podcast – just like solving all the problems of the world over a cuppa 🙂

We are often asked what our radio show is about – we often don’t know what to say – it’s really one long discussion about everything – you know those conversations over a tea – or a wine – and you solve all the problems of the world – this episode is no different – we’d love if you listen for yourself and let us know what you think our show is about 🙂

Show 76


Age is but a number but grey hair doesn’t lie!

Going Grey continues to be a discussion for Jo & Vicki. How long should grey hair be? What’s the best style? And then there is what going grey means to us.

We are getting older! Going grey is loaded with all the age concerns which creep up on us. Two Natural Ladies talk about the way people in our society talk about growing older. “it’s horrible getting old!” How can we breakthrough this ‘old’ conversation and embrace our new wisdom. In some cultures being older is revered – and it’s about time we did this as well!


JARS: Reuse? Recycle or Reorganise – Pickle, Pick and preserve

Two Natural Ladies asked their tribe what they do with their empty glass jars.

Steriise and use for jams, pickling or nails. Jars are so useful for a variety of objects. Once cleaned, Vicki & Jo discover jars can be used for all the dried herbs. Or to bury a spare key in the garden without getting it dirty.

One very clever use is to put the unused part of an onion into and then refrigerate – no smell!

Putting hot fats in a glass jar NOT in the sink. Once it’s full you can dispose of it

A fun info packed discussion on the wonderful amazing jar– enjoy J

18:37 – 26:16

Our biodiversity is unique and divine

Vicki introduces JO’s soap box

Australia’s biodiversity is magnificent, unique and more than 80% of the continent’s animals and plants are found nowhere else on Earth—and they’re world renowned.

But our environmental laws are failing to protect these unique treasures.

Two Natural Ladies ask that you watch David Attenborough, Damon Gameau and consider how you can help our beautiful eco system

We need laws to protect our wildlife, stop the destruction by stopping practices that are destroying our natural world

Has the government listened? Can they make decisions in an office building in the city about our wilderness? Jo & Vicki suggest  we all go out and see what it is like – have a round table conference in the forest!

Creating an environment that works for everyone and everything and using the bottom up approach rather than the top to bottom approach.

27:56 – 36:11

Helpers High is a wonderful thing

Two Natural Ladies discuss the roller coaster of life. One minute we are loving humanity then something happens and we are out of sorts! How do we find a way back to that good feeling?

Jo & Vicki talk about the helpers high and how people who give live longer

  • Finding a structure where everyone wins
  • Volunteering
  • Ripple effect – pay it forward
  • Conscious giving leads to infinite giving. There is a point where we transform how we are giving so it is ongoing and sustainable.

Looking after ourselves is important. ‘Give from the saucer not from the cup’

Transforming our community and then the world. Start local- one person at a time.

Asking for help and being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness and people love to help. It is a symbiotic relationship which has everyone win.

What do you love doing to help others?

39:29 – 47:12

Bill & Ben seeing the world as it is

Two Natural Ladies discuss a real life situation where people are not able to see from each other’s perspective. Using Bill & Ben in a hole fighting over the colour of the dirt, as an example, shows us all how often our perspective is only seeing part of what is.

Coming out of the hole, all the colours of the dirt can be seen as well as the grass, the trees and the birds?

It can take a paradigm shift which then enables us to focus on what is important.

There is truth in all of it. From where Bill was standing the dirt was grey and from where Ben was standing the dirt was brown. They were both right!

This leads to Vicki & Jo discussing generational wealth, a way to have everyone win. And it’s in the enquiry, the discussion that the discoveries are made – even if it is sometimes uncomfortable

47:20- 53:32

What seems to be black and white but is green?

Two Natural Ladies discuss -Coriander! This is a love it or hate it herb and never shall the two agree! It can cause severe reactions from stomach issues to vomiting, as well as emotional issues for those that absolutely despise the taste.

Then there are those people who almost have a love affair with coriander. They can’t get enough of it and when one person in a couple loves it and the other hates it or reacts to it – well things can get ugly J

Enjoy this exploration into the world of coriander

53:32- 1:13:42

Pay it forward –the way the universe works

Two Natural Ladies chat with Jerry Penny founder of Nurture Queen Videos about the benefits of ‘Paying it Forward’.

Jerry was one of the contributors of “The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women” and she discusses, in the book, the benefit ‘paying it forward’ has on everyone involved. When someone lets you in to their lane when driving, it gives us ‘feel good’ endorphins and we are likely to pay it forward to the next car that needs to move into our lane.

Jerry is often asked to help people with products in the supermarket that are up high and finding directions. Vicki, Jo & Jerry talk about The Laws of Attraction and reciprocity and how what we give comes back to us.

As a marketing expert Jerry talks about “the Shiny Object Syndrome” so many people get caught up in paying thousands of dollars for a program that is not what they need. A bit of advice and some hard work is the answer!

Jerry & Two Natural Ladies discuss the benefits of charities and how easy it is to be part of the solution. Jerry is a generous and inspiring women whose aim is to make a difference in the world. She loves connecting people and seeing how we can all work together to create a wonderful world.

Enjoy J

1:17:01 – 1:27:25

School on-line & School in person what works and what doesn’t

Two Natural Ladies have a chat with a very special guest, Jo’s 10 year old grandson, Jacob.

As we all know there were many challenges with on-line learning for teachers and students. Jacob found he and his friends didn’t get the support they needed, when they needed it. They learned to help each other and muddle through. Vicki & Jo asked Jacob what he thought they could have done – his idea is a goodie!

Jacob talked about his friendships and the new people he has met now they are back in person. His favourite subject: Interschool sports!

His favourite thing about lockdown learning – eating whenever you can

This is a great podcast for all ages


Books & weeds, advice & ideas- reusing &

Two Natural Ladies start their discussion with some words of wisdom from the book “Thrifty Household  – more than 1000 hints & tips” by the Country Women’s Association of Victoria.

  • A needle is easy to thread when …
  • Catching cockroaches with ease
  • Mending clothing, letting pants down and adding length with socks
  • Make a photo album for the kids on a rainy day

Eco friendly ideas using what we already have in our home

Vicki & Jo have a quick chat about their book (still to be finished) and then move onto edible weeds. Pickled purslane and what else we can eat that looks like something to pull out!

Another fun packed, filled with great information Podcast for the whole family


Show 76 -3 March 2021- includes interview with Jerry and chat with Jacob

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