Hair beautiful hair: Co-vid 19 hair styles; to grey or not to grey this is the question?
Kindness; shifting our business in Co-vid 19; Brussel sprouts and Judgment; – Sally Wilson discusses her move into coaching and how our unconscious is running our lives

Jo & Vicki start chatting about creating a new empowering positive conversations for ourselves and others: not drifting
We then move to a discussion about making time to be Creative: Getting up early, making time; Two Natural Ladies can be very creative together – through brainstorming we have created vents in 5 minutes!
Knit & Natter: Beanies for Bayside Community Emergency Relief Group ; Blankets for St Kilda Mums;
Making a difference to others; dragging each other kicking and screaming and then we love it
Phrase of the Year 2020: Social isolation? Social distancing? Unpresented? Pivoting?
Two Natural Ladies discuss our GPS: Recalculate, recalibrate, doesn’t Judge just stating what is so! We make things mean something rather than seeing what is. What to do? Accept it, be mindful, and allow it to be.
Vicki & Jo entertain with Brussel Sprouts- People love them!!! Well Vicki does and many others do and from there we move to what people are doing, when their businesses have stopped. We share a few people’s journey and how they have found ways to make a difference.
Which then leads us to feeling good and oxytocin. Kindness creates oxytocin in the brain and not only for the person being kind. For the person who has the act of kindness given to them and anyone seeing this act of kindness – a real ripple effect,

Sally Wilson: from farm girl to Opera singer to coaching – we discuss how our conscious mind is only 5% of our actions and that our unconscious much of what runs our lives.
Topics include: will power; accelerated learning; belief systems; confidence and our identity
We finish with a number of uplifting quotes and more discussion about St Kilda Mums

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