Two-Natural-Ladies-Show48-July14-2020 Podcast

Poetry and the downs and the ups of life

The Two Natural Ladies talk about feeling judged and being grateful
How our environment is uplifting – our oceans the dolphins and whales
Our attachment to being right and looking good, which of course leads to a discussion about going grey

“I like me better when I’m with you” –find out what this means..

Two Natural Ladies chat about wasting food, smaller portions and Natalie Isaacs book: “Every woman’s guide to saving the planet’
Jo & Vicki then digress into dogs unseemly habits and then…


Interview Katie Hunter from Dogs For Kids Charity.

We discover how dogs can help kids in crisis, with disabilities and mental health issues-
With their trained dog by their side the kids sleep better, are more focused –start talking when they haven’t previously and are calmer and happier



Dog facts – guide dogs, Ewoks, large and small dog information and so much more

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