Two-Natural-Ladies-Show55-September8-2020 – Podcast

Worms and travel and dog poo – what more would you want in a radio show discussion – maybe some fab songs, some laughs – and a great guest interview?…


Two Natural Ladies Interview with Natalie Isaacs:
Natalie talks about her journey into the world of sustainability. “I’m just one person how can I make a difference” stopped her for many years. In 2006 when Natalie decided to decrease her electricity consumption by 20% a light bulb went on 1Million Women was created
Without much understanding of business plans and what exactly to do, within a year Natalie had 46,000 people in her group.
Communication is to empower, mindful of their language to uplift
Discussion on food waste: For every five bags of food we bring into the house, on average one bag is thrown into the bin. Dangerous methane gases are formed when food is thrown away.
Vicki & Jo & Natalie talk about the Journey of food, using left overs, not over cooking, buy less and then giving the left overs to the worms and the dogs. AND this helps our hip pocket
Natalie’s Number One recommendation: FALL MADLY DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH THE EARTH!

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