Two-Natural-Ladies-Show56-September15-2020 Podcast

Another fun filled show including but not limited to the following topics of discussion 🙂 …

Two Natural Ladies have a Berry lovely time talking: Blue Berries, Goji berries, strawberries and black berries, health benefits and recipes from our listeners and followers.
Berries for Gin, definition of Raspberries what versatile and scrumptious fruits!

Do the Hussle
Vicki’s Poem with Jo’s accompaniment

Who gives a Crap?
Jo & Vicki do! 100% recycled and bamboo.
Three billion people don’t have any clean water!
They donate Millions and support communities throughout the world to become sustainable
Can reuse the toilet roles and wrapping covering the toilet paper for gifts and bonbons

“If it’s to be it’s up to me” Jo discusses Declan Coyle the creator of the Green and Red platform.
Green Platform: Accepting what is; “I can”; moving forward
Red Platform: being at the effect of the situation; look at ‘shoulds’; what could have been

Vicki & Jo discuss how this has worked for them and choosing what is. Jo sees her ‘bad experiences” as giving her empathy and understanding on a deeper level.
Two Natural Ladies finish with an in-depth discussion on humans and laughter and holding on to our experiences.


Longevity: living a long health, happy, life. Jo & Vicki explore further the blue berry – a superfood!
Two Natural Ladies discuss Kale Brock’s Longevity film, the Blue Zones and how the craziness of everyday life and trying to stay health may not be the way to living long and prosper (Like Spock)
The people in these Blue Zones, did incidental exercise, walking, gardening, dancing, cycling. They generally ate well but the extraordinary thing is the Loma Linda community, in the US, has a predominantly SAD (Standard American Diet) but their average life span is over 90! WHY? Community, participation and belonging! The number One reason people stay healthy.
We can create Community in a suburban setting. Connect with your local community, share and support.
The positives of Co-Vid have been getting to know your neighbours, staying local and supporting local.

Interview with Ashley Jordan One Stop Organiser
Vicki and Jo chat with Ashley about her supportive role with the elderly. It’s what makes her happy and helps them with so many jobs they find daunting. Letting go of what’s no longer wanted or needed – sometimes just making a start can make all the difference.
With the pandemic, Ashley was concerned about the over 70’s and their isolation. Café Connections was born. Every week they Zoom in and discuss what’s been happening through the week, they listen to a n interesting guest speaker/s – including Two Natural Ladies and have the opportunity to connect.
Bronwyn Stephens – Harding and Ashley have more plans to get the young ones to help the elderly with technology, particularly those who are not on Zoom, Facebook etc

Jo & Vicki share Tanya Lewis’s “Shop your Wardrobe, Reduce your Fashion Footprint”
We chose that make us feel good but we often don’t think about the impact on the environment. How many tonnes of water it takes per garment and then the land fill that’s created once the garment is disposed of.
Two Natural Ladies can’t be accused of buying too many clothes! They wear the same clothes till they have holes in them
Tanya suggests sorting your clothes into categories: store in convenient places; use coat hangers that support the item.
Jo’s Mum and Vicki’s Aunt Beryl both made beautiful coat hangers.
And Vicki is found out for the imposter she is! Yes she cooks!
A brief discussion ensues regarding dishwashers; risotto and Lebanese food.
Two Natural Ladies continue with Tanya’s recommendations: position your clothing in the wardrobe; put things away; and shop your own wardrobe before buying anything new.

Reminiscing on our time in Europe –
France Part One
Lots of laughter with adventure and discovery
Leaving the UK and getting to France, lugging their cases – a hero comes to our rescue- actually Vicki’s rescue – Jo is left to fend for herself!
Going on the train, under water, to arrive in France on the day of the worst transport strike in 12 years!
Jo & Vicki walk to Montmartre, Vicki navigates. The tiny accommodation, finding their way around
The sights:
Monet’s paintings at l’Orangerie – he felt a failure – how can that be?
Arc de Triomphe, 24,000 steps, spilling an expensive glass of champagne, the cab ride from hell, the drop off at the wrong location and the almost end of a beautiful friendship!
Versaille – the house – like Ikea you have to go through every room to get to the end! YUK! Says Jo The gardens amazing!
That famous church up the hill, you know the one – oh yes Sacre Coeur
Walking down the Seine, Jo’s romantic dreams- Drinking Vicki’s romantic dreams ?
Moulin Rouge- sex district, wandering the street

France Part Two
Jo & Vicki leave Paris and head to Nice. Vicki sleeps and Jo dreams of the French country side and villages
Taxi driver refuses to take us – too close he says – so Two Natural Ladies walk the streets again
Disappointing hotel, but the market district is quaint and Vicki and Jo roam the alley ways exploring.
Their adventure to Eze and Monte Carlo and devising a way to stay and travel to Italy – including an accident for Jo (not serious)

Kale Brock
Longevity film
Blue Zones
Ashley Jordan
Bronwyn Stephens-Harding
Tanya Lewis
Malcolm Beaulevant

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