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Topics include –
Sweet P’tata (potato) Sweet P’tata, Eat you Later Eat you Later (Formidable Vegetables)
Jo &Vicki start their discussion around women and how we can neglect our health eating well- self care – good food helps us all feel better – even the worms we feed (not that anyone has actually asked them!)
Two Natural Ladies Vegie of the week, sweet potato is a favourite by many – in fact only one person wants to bury all sweet potatoes – the rest share amazing recipes including:
Chips; brownies; mashed; salads with chilli lime dressing; Thai curries, dahl and dip oh and Vicki’s favourite – alcohol ?
Jo shares facts: high in fibre; good for gut health and brain function and can be used as a substitute for sugar. Sweet Potatoes are grown in Bundaberg to name just one area – this one was of particular interest to Vicki – Bundaberg rum- Gin – potatoes!

Food Waste October
1 in 5 grocery bags that come in to an Australian home is wasted, causing millions of tonnes of CO2. This contributes to the 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 worldwide released into the atmosphere due to food waste globally
Jo and Vicki discuss 1 Million Women’s Food waste October and Vicki repeats 20% of the food we buy is wasted
We waste food, money and damage our environment. And Prince Willy needs feeding (see Ew Yuk by Kelly Mrocki for more information)

Mr Stroodle sells his noodles:
“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly,
We need millions of people doing it imperfectly” Anne Marie Bonneau Zero Waste Chef
Vicki and Jo chat with Maxim Gelman from “Stroodle the Pasta Straws”
They were introduced to Maxim, via their UK connections and were interested to find out more about the pasta straws and Mr Stroodle. You can stir your drink then eat the straw!
Flavourless straws made with wheat and water, sustainable and edible. Maxim is all about fun – a bit like the Two Natural Ladies and he’s finding ways to educate and be interactive with his straws and his fun art sculpture projects his planning with the public made from plastic waste.
Maxim sees his straws as a gateway for change. Something easy for people to switch from plastic or paper to noodle which may lead to more sustainable changes

Do it for the trees. Creating a successful sustainable business doing good in the world. Two Natural Ladies love Who Gives a Crap- using bamboo for toilet paper is a lot more sustainable.
Bamboo is technically a grass and the fastest type of bamboo grows a metre a day.
Bamboo to bathroom – and the toilet paper is softer too ?

Coming home and cleaning up
World Clean-up Day last year was the day Jo & Vicki, Two Natural Ladies, arrived home from their European jaunt. They decided not to go to the Spring Clean our city event -after travelling over 24 hours– Jo sleeping in the rubbish may not have been the best look!
This year it’s about personal clean ups virtual clean up:
Clean up our computers of all the emails we don’t need, the blurry photos and apps we don’t use on our phones. Turn off notifications,
On the computer archive important files, delete subscribers you no longer want emails from
This will save a huge amount of CO2 as our batteries will last longer!

What happened on the weekend?
Vicki was singing with the birds just like Snow White? No Vicki tripped and fell SHE DID NOT HAVE A FALL! Only the old have falls! Two Natural Ladies will never have a fall
Jo cleaned up the hard rubbish – cathartic for the whole family! And everyone was happy!
Two Natural ladies moved on to Jo’s drumming, Pig Pen from Charlie brown and a poem from Adrian; “A Card Received”

Kindness; sustainability and our animals: Two Natural Ladies interview Bronwyn Currie
Two Natural Ladies were introduced to Bronwyn by Susie Parker who we fondly call her the penguin lady
Bronwyn is a passionate advocate for animals, the environment and people. A member of the Animal Justice Party, a political party create approximately 10 years ago dedicated to ending animal cruelty. An advocate for kindness, rationality, non violence and equality
Bronwyn is a candidate for Kingston council elections this year and she is committed to looking after the local wetlands, supporting the traders and coming together to create solutions.
Bronwyn is a strong supporter of one of the Two Natural Ladies passions- picking up rubbish and looking after our water ways, sustainability including meatless Monday.
Making small daily changes

What is Choice and do we choose it?
Dax Stanley share on LinkedIn recently “When life gets hard it’s not always easy to stay positive, but this quote helps us get through the hard times”:
“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.” Roy T Bennett
Vicki and Jo discuss their mixed relationship with choice.
Options rather than choice? Choosing freely? Conscious choice?
Can we choose a highly traumatic event that we had no control over? Is it more about choosing how we react to a situation rather than choosing the situation?
Vicki discusses her reaction after the death of her mum. She just sat and did nothing. Then went home and got on with life with four children!
Jo discusses the very superficial (but important) issue of choosing chocolate or blood orange ice cream. Do you choose it because you want to or because you always have?
Two Natural Ladies go from deep to shallow and back to deep in micro seconds! – After a series of crisis events Debra Pascoe’s therapist asked her to find one thing she could saviour – for Debra it was coffee! For Jo it was her time with Vicki, as Two Natural Ladies. It was like an altered state. We were kids playing!

Acknowledging the people we have interviewed (we tried to remember everyone). Ross & Ramona Headifen: Natalie Isaacs: Nina Gbor; Jamie Ramos: Josie Jones: Zoe Hogg; Susie Parker: Elle Paton: Sarah Hudson; Tanya Lewis: Marina Pitisano: Wendy Marshall; Stephanie Rother; Sandra Bader; Amalie Digby: Dax Stanley: Giorgio- Destiny Rescue; Peter: Change the One; Braith Bamkin
Thank you to everyone who has come onto our show and the difference you make and apologies if we have not included you

Hair and Connection
Who got to see the musical HAIR? And whose jealous? Pauline O’Brien comes to the rescue, and then it’s onto Netflix! “Connected” – how our world is connected. A dust storm in the Sahara bring nutrients to the rainforest in the Amazon rainforest. A butterfly flaps its wings in Africa and causes a hurricane in Scarborough (sorry Adrian)

Women, Power and Adversity
Jo watched some moves on the weekend! “I am Woman” about Helen Reddy’s life, the woman’s movement and equal rights. And “Military Wives” the first choir set up by a group of military wives after their men are deployed. Both movies discuss friendship, power and shining in the face of adversity- so Two Natural Ladies ?


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