Two-Natural-Ladies-Show59-Oct6-2020 Podcast

The fun continues as a number of serious and not so serious topics are discussed – topics include –

Well-oiled machine
Starting with some gratitude for the family, Two Natural Ladies discuss endorphins when gardening the wonder of worms (Eew Yuk) and a wonderful Corona virus poem from Pam Eyre’s
This leads to a discussion about control and the feeling of no control – how did Nelson Mandela do it for over twenty years of incarceration?
Vicki confesses
Gratitude: Michael Mosley’s show going back in time, with a group of people living in the London slums of the 1800’s, we all have a better life in Australia than they did! Being grateful for what we have.
An iPhone is lost; feeling anxious and the drama we create; what seems “Woo Woo” is actually science!

Kids and Boredom
Teenagers and their iPhone. What causes our happiness? Dopamine! Oxytocin! Serotonin! Endorphins!
Learning to get out of our own way and help those happiness chemicals work. Jo reads from “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff – such insight from this bear! No attachment nothing is complicated, things are as they are – It always come down to Pooh

Broccoli: Not to be forgotten
The Two Natural Ladies discuss recipes and ways to eat this highly nutritious veggie the humble broccoli
From fried rice to Asian greens, raw and cooked the health benefits are vast. Great for Blood circulation, Kidney function, heart and arthritis. High in Vitamin C, Fibre and potassium – and its yummy!

The Two Natural Ladies find activities for their kids- Nick playing with worms and Bianca counting them.
Boredom “When the TV Broke” by Harriet Ziphet. Young Andy finds other things to do rather than watch TV. The world is full of possibilities if we look. People losing their jobs and finding new ways of earning money. Lack of control, feeling worried –checking in RUOK?

Community, Connection, Diet & Exercise; A taste of Two Natural Ladies book
Small steps to creating new habits, using an accountability partner: the Two Natural ladies crack the whip on each other. Create a support group, find a community. Diet and exercise is important and as the Longevity film and the Blue Zones show, community is number one when it comes to peoples health and wellbeing and living a long life.
Jo & Vicki have used their friendship and partnership to support each other throughout Co-Vid. Keeping connected to various communities and finding ways for their business together to flow. Helping each other stay motivated.
Food: what was the truth 20 years ago is not so today. What works for one person does not automatically work for everyone. Having breakfast is not the answer for everyone. Eating fruit in the morning may be a better option for some or fasting?

Animal Australia: A kinder world
“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” Helen Keller
A few uplifting animal stories
Baby Elephants falling from the sky: Kenya’s Ambroseli National Park has seen an elephant baby boom – 140 new babies have been born in the first ten months of this year
Two Beluga Whales Little White and Little Grey were set free from an aquarium on Shanghai and moved to a sea sanctuary in Iceland and will soon be set free
France has banned the use of animals in travelling circus’s and dolphins and Orcas in marine parks. A new era in our relationship with these animals
250,000 hectares of farmland in the U.K. may be given back to the wild with the hope Beavers, minxes and pelicans will come back to the area over the next

Two Natural Ladies Interview with author Debra Pascoe- VIVE!
When Co-Vid started Debra rewrote her book “Get: Better; Stronger; Smarter”. With people feeling frightened and the upheaval caused by lockdown, not seeing family and friends, Debra felt we needed to focus on living.
During our discussion we talked about grief and loss and the need to accept what is. Debra shared her horrific year, 2014 and the journey through to once again thriving.
Ask: “What can I do to make me feel better?” Smile. Find one thing that you like to do each day to help release endorphins.
4 stages of growth: Survive; Arrival: Revival; Thrive
Throughout Co-Vid we are learning purpose and how to be productive. Seeing the importance of diet and exercise and a smile ?

Vicki’s hail to Coldplay: “Hymn for the Weekend” Life is a drink and loves a drug’’
Two Natural Ladies discuss the journey of writing of their book: Jo & Vicki became busy and the book was put aside. They are now ready to get back to it!
Are we your hidden ingredient? Believing in what they have to offer. How will it look? How will it feel?

The benefit of community: Spring clean the environment; Gardening; Olives; Village life
The Two Natural Ladies discuss Beach Patrol and Love our Street’s Spring Clean Our Patch event. Due to being Co-Vid safe this year small communities of people everywhere are asked to pick up rubbish for an hour on October 18th 2020.
Jo & Vicki move on to waste, Halloween, compost and gardening.
How to save the figs, what to do with the olives sharing our produce with the critters while trying to keep some for ourselves. Vicki discovers snake poo while Jo shares the village life in Lebanon.
A poem is read, community is discussed and the show ends

Mentions –
Kelly mrocki
Amalie Digby
Wendy Marshall
Leanne Closter
Adrian Wood
Debra Pascoe
Ping Chew
Jerry Nurture queen
Natalie Isaacs
Ross & Ramona- beach patrol
Cold play

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