Another fun filled show with Two Natural Ladies, including –

Tickling the airways: Celebrating our 60th show
Jo and Vicki acknowledge their gratitude for each other and their journey so far
Getting up at 4.30am and the struggle this is- the thoughts we have, are they the truth? Can we choose empowering thoughts?
Our commitment vs our thoughts
Two Natural Ladies discuss how they drag each other around creating new adventures
Vicki and Jo discuss being conscious and the difference this can make.
A change in consciousness: once we become parents we notice the importance of safety, the environment and mums in particular create connections and communities with other mums

We’re all one: Doing Things Together
Two Natural Ladies find out how Ross and Ramona Headifen, founders of Beach Patrol have pivoted this year’s Spring Clean Your Patch.

Due to Co-vid ‘Spring Clean the City’ was not possible ‘Spring Clean Your Patch’ was created! On October 18 we were asked to find a patch and pick up rubbish for an hour with our family and one other family.
During the discussion we discovered that more single use plastic has been dropped as well as masks and PPE gloves – even more important for us all to pick up 3, ask a 2 friends to join you for our 1 planet #Letsdoit321

Superstars –
Two Natural Ladies share their list of unique superstars
Then discover the world of the fig…
Figs and their leaves – not just for Adam and Eve
“They are lusciously sweet with a texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds” (source unknown)
Where they come from? When to pick them? How to cook them and our listener’s favourite recipes.
How to stop the possums? Could snake poo and snake skin work?
AND did you know Wasps lay their eggs inside the fig? So much to learn about the fabulous fig!

Reduce Waste, Combat Anxiety and Prejudice – Create a Life you Love.
Jo and Vicki chat with Jess Profit about her journey so far
They discuss her passion to support us all to stop wasting food and Jess shares her mental health issues and her initial wrong diagnosis
Was she the class clown? How can we celebrate our differences rather than be ashamed?
Jess now supports herself and others – many with disabilities in creating a successful home business.
A favourite mantra of the Two Natural Ladies – we are all a piece of the puzzle!
And we have our unique way we can make a difference in the world

A Snippet: Connecting with our Teenagers
Two Natural Ladies have a quick discussion on what has worked for them.
Walking, driving, cooking or washing dishes – ways to hang out with our teenagers and have a conversation.
With four children each you could almost say Jo & Vicki are experts?

A Snippet: Conflict, Upset, Annoyance:
Jo & Vicki discuss the ways they move on when they are making each other wrong.
A walk, yoga and a good talking to ourselves: being right is not all its cracked up to be. In the end there is no satisfaction in being right.

David Attenborough’s: A Life on Our Planet
Two Natural Ladies discuss this incredible movie and what it means for us all
We rely entirely on our planet and it relies on the biodiversity – which is failing
The natural world is failing
In 1937
2.3 billion people
Carbon in atmosphere 280parts per million
Remaining wilderness 66%
In 2020
7.8 billion
Carbon in atmosphere 415 parts per million
Remaining wilderness 35%
By 2030 there will be large parts of our world that are uninhabitable
ANSWER: we have to restore our world biodiversity.
What we can do?
• Cut down the amount of meat – veggies can be grown in much smaller areas
• Reduce your power bills
• Create a waste free environment
Just start now!

We can take care of all of it
Two Natural Ladies start their discussion around David Attenborough’s film and creating awareness in our young people
Do we need to go back to school and re-educate ourselves? Are we too linear?
We need to see the possibility there is another way.
When David A started he had no idea that the world, even then in the 1930’s, was starting to deteriorate.
Vicki & Jo discuss T.E.A.M and what that means. How together we achieve more.
We don’t need as much as we think we need Decluttering so others have the opportunity to use the objects, read the books that just sit around in our homes. Giving back to our communities and creating more space in our environment and our minds.
The Two Natural Ladies finish with an uplifting story about the manatees at Manatee lagoon. 4Oceans has cleaned out the plastic in this area so the manatees can bask in the warm waters

Jess Proffit
Ross and Ramona
Beach patrol
David Attenborough
Natalie Isaacs
Damon Gamau

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