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Another feel good episode including a delicious smorgasboard of topics 🙂

Grey is the NEW blonde – Happy Birthday Vicki ?
And HONEY is the word of the day
Two Natural Ladies have it handled. Jo & Vicki are going grey. No more colouring! After all they are Two NATURAL Ladies!
From there the discussion leads on to the world of bees and honey. Honey is used to create mead which was a popular drink in The Middle Ages. Vicki and Jo discover all the amazing health properties of this golden delight including antioxidants, heart health and wound healing. Jo shares her adventures with her grandson Jacob, collecting honey from a friends bee hive and her love for bees and their intelligence and ability to react to emotions Vicki asks: which is the best honey to buy? Locally sourced honey was one of the answers – so find a local bee keeper and make friends. ?
A poem is read about honey and bees from our resident poet

WE are a community, we need to connect: Our mental health depends on it!
Dr Jim from Im Just a Man, shares this year’s Virtual event. Two Natural Ladies and Jim discuss the 7 Pillars of Health, being uplifting whilst acknowledging the issues we are going through now. They look at the parallels of Jim’s charity that has been going for six years and what we have all been dealing with since March 2020.
And like our Co-vid experience, with the support of each other we will find away. Our family and local communities are so important. Join the Jo & Vicki for this wonderful conversation.

Bravery and Courage through adversity
“Encountering adversity ultimately deepens us and gives us access to inner strength” Eckhart Tolle
Two Natural ladies discuss some of the everyday struggles we all face. Anxiety, depression, fear and isolation – and for those who can no longer go on do they realise the affect this will have on their families and friends forever?
Although at the time when things seem darkest – ‘This too shall pass’. We just need to find a way to put one step in front of the other – as Deborah Pascoe says find one thing that lights you up/makes you feel good. There are always people around and when we are at our worst we can’t see them. Participating makes a difference. Jo shares how when she was at her lowest, it was her time with Vicki, just being, that was a relief from her suffering. And yet when we are at our worst we shy away from people – counter intuitive!
“Marriage is hard, Divorce is hard – Life can be hard –so choose your hard” And though we are alone we are all in this together?. Without the dark there is no light.
Vicki and Jo acknowledge how blessed they are to have interviewed so many everyday heroes, who in a small or big way are making a difference.
Jo quotes the Tao of Pooh, the wisest of bears

If we are a Blank canvas what are the three foundation colours needed for a healthy life?
Jake Pearson shares his struggle with anxiety that led him to health both physical and mental. Confidence, self esteem and your gut all play a part in creating a healthy mind and healthy body. Two Natural Ladies find out Jakes ideas and wins he and his clients have had following some simple routines, habits and accountabilities.
Jo & Vicki ask – hesitantly – what is the best exercise? Please not burpees and push ups! No says Jake, it depends on why you are exercising: weight loss? Muscle building? Running a marathon or general health? How many days do you want to exercise – routine and consistency is the key to creating a long lasting healthy life.
JO asks how long it takes for a habit to form? Vicki asks about endorphins. Jakes gentle and inclusive way of looking at diet and exercise shows us everyone can do it- doing better not perfect!
Jakes passion is to assist and support those with their mental health journey using diet and exercise. For more information you can check out Jake’s ‘Redesign Your Body’ podcasts

Mental Health Month October 2020: Depression: 10 Myth Busters
Two Natural ladies share Sal Prothero’s ten myth busters on depression. Sal a university trained nutritionist discusses these myths that can be so damaging to those of us dealing with depression.
MYTH *Depression is a sign of weakness! NO! Anyone at any time in their life can become depressed. Sometimes it is due to a particular trauma, which was the case for Jo. Or for no apparent reasons we start to feel ‘down’ which leads to isolating ourselves, poor diet, lack of exercise.
Getting kids to eat well can be a struggle. Jo finds creative ways with her grandson Jacob- put peanut butter on the celery, carrot – all vegies and then he will eat it
MYTH *Depression isn’t real – its all in our head! Really? Of course its real just ask the millions of people who deal with this daily. Women seem to be willing to talk about their depression more than men. The suicide rate for men is much higher than women – we must support our men in speaking up. And changing just one small thing can make a difference. Walking around the block every day, going out for a coffee, listening to an uplifting song, reading an uplifting quote – just one little change can make a difference.
People hid their depression and can be seen as lazy when they cannot get out of bed. We get tired and don’t want to talk to anyone.
Being real, being vulnerable allows everyone the opportunity to share their story. We are all human.

#Letsdoit321 Doing better not Perfect
Picking up three pieces of rubbish, enrolling two others to do the same, take one gorgeous picture for one beautiful planet. #Letsdoit321, Vicki and Jo’s passion to have the world take this on.
Having some fun while walking and picking up just three pieces every day. AND being better not perfect will mean some days you won’t – let’s all commit to going for it! Jo discusses her bravery in picking up cigarettes butts whilst cleaning the beach with Vicki, some of her family and Jo’s grandson Jacob. WE have to get them young – Jacobs and enthusiasm was delightful, to get Vicki’s teenage daughter B there took a bit but in the end she took it on and actively participated
We are all in this together – no one is not affected by our eco systems.
“WE don’t need a million people doing waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly” Anne-Marie Bonneau ‘Zero Waste Chef’ – Max commonly known as Mr Stroodle shared this quote on one of his videos- Jo saw it and shared it and then contacted Anne-Marie who has now been interviewed by Two Natural Ladies. Connections in the world of waste reduction and conservation – EXTRAORDINARY!

Anita Bentata
Dr Jim
Debra Pascoe
Jess Prothero
Natali Isaacs
Jake Pearson
Anne Maree Bonneau: Zero Waste Chef
Mr Stroodle
Beach Patrol
Sal Prothero


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