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Topics including Gardening, sustainability and brain science feature in this weeks episode – plus more conversation, banter and fun 🙂


1:11 – 14-52(approx.)
Two Natural ladies love for Olives: And bartering in the garden
Two Nature Ladies are in love with olives, the oldest cultivated tree in existence. This hardy and forgiving tree grows in a number of warm climates and Jo & Vicki share a number of ways to use them and how to prepare them.
Did you know 90% of olives are used for olive oil? Or the fact that olives are one of the ‘trinity’ of basic recipes in Mediterranean cuisine?
Two Natural Ladies also chat about Vicki’s next olive harvest – will she try stepping on them to make the oil while Jo watches on eating grapes?
From olives to gardening: A little birdie told Jo Vicki was gardening on the weekend – and there was bartering going on as well! Tomato plants and wire for worms and pumpkin seeds
To weed or not to weed and are they bad? NO according to a weed expert. And many are edible!
Jo & Vicki discuss the utopia of a barter system where no money is needed and they share what we can do when everyone is looked after
Enjoy this podcast with the fun and serious side of gardening and life.

Brian Baker’s Interview

39:51- 50:48
Acceptance of who we are – Gratitude, mindset and our health
Two Natural Ladies discuss acceptance, mindset and gratitude.
Jo & Vicki talk about Lee Roebeck an international mindset coach and speaker who shares his experience of being car jacked and thrown in the boot of his car. During his time in the boot rather than allowing his fear and upset to take over, he felt grateful his sister and son weren’t with him that morning. Lee felt forgiveness and compassion for the people who did this to him and he also considered how Victor Franklin, an Auschwitz survivor, who saw his family killed, used his thoughts to enable him to survive.
Vicki and Jo continue on with this topic discussing gratefulness during Co-vid. They explore how our attitude can help create the circumstances. How our thoughts affect our health. Does our attitude create the circumstances or the circumstances create our attitude? This leads to a chat about Integrity and the way we live. And Jo shares the ‘Stand up sit down’ process.

Meryl’s interview
Can Sustainability be Financially Lucrative?
Two Natural Ladies interview Meryl Sukumar from Subcintus Consulting on creating a Circular Economy
Meryl starts this interview by telling us an ancient Sufi story involving blind men and an elephant. One blind man thinks the elephant is a snake as he touches the trunk, another thinks it is a tree as he touches the elephant’s legs. The morale of the story: you need to get the whole picture – and this is what Meryl does with her systems approach.
These days it is important for businesses to reduce their risk profile through sustainability. 70% of people are more aligned with a business that is sustainable. They will spend more money with this business and will invest with companies that are people lead not stakeholder lead.
Meryl’s philosophy of creating a circular economy through:
Reducing: the businesses consumption in current operations
Reusing: some of the ‘waste’ in other ways
Upcycle: using new technologies
Jo & Vicki discuss with Meryl traditional businesses, innovation, paradigm shifts and integrity.
A thought provoking and not to be missed interview

Happy Birthday to Southern FM – Lets all compost!
Vicki’s project for an edible nature strip
Two Natural Ladies feel hopeful for a future with people led consumerism becoming more prevalent
Vicki points out that those who start-up businesses and own companies are people too
Jo reads out some interesting facts from an article on sustainability: reusable and compostable coffee pod; old sour dough bread made into croutons; carrot and zucchini shavings pickled and wilting herbs turned into pesto
A Super quiz, The Vicar of Dibley and fat worms to finish off this entertaining podcast.
Please enjoy Vicki and Jo’s banter on a variety of ideas and topics.

1:26:40 – 1:42:19
Charities need our help and our brains need our attention. Dopamine leads to feeling good -a win-win for all!
Two Natural Ladies chat about some of their favourite organisations and what we can do to help.
Dogs for Kids: Nathan & Luke, two young men, are riding 2,200 kilometres to raise $40,000 – the cost for one dog to be trained and housed with a child in need. They share the generosity they received during their journey
Who Gives a Crap: although not a charity, as a B-Corp, this organisation is sustainable in all areas and has shown their commitment in both social and environmental sectors
St Kilda Mums 1,148: the number of babies and children on their waitlist needing help before Christmas; 123 need a safe place to sleep – a cot. 189 need a safe way to travel – a car seat. 231 need a “freedom machine” – a pram to get to and from important appointments.

From here Vicki and Jo move into the world of neuroscience and how our brains can create new pathways. We can change the way we think. A yoga session a walk and a good talking to herself shifts Jo from ‘what the point’ to ‘let’s go’!
Jo & Vicki inquire into Givers Gain and Infinity Giving. How can we give on an ongoing basis forever without going broke? Giving creates dopamine and serotonin which has us feel good
A win-win for us all

Damien Williams ‘
St Kilda mums
Dogs for kids
Who gives a crap
Meryl Sukamar
Lee Roeback
Brian Baker

Show 66 – 24 November 2020

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