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0-14:26 (14mins 24secs)
The human addiction to ‘stuff’ and the struggle to declutter
The social dilemma: we won’t be happy till we have the next thing
2021 has begun and the Two Natural Ladies discuss decluttering
Oh dear, Vicki has a problem letting go of her past clutter. Jo offers to help but worries this could be the end of a beautiful friendship.
Pledging to declutter a certain area, or one box a day can be helpful – making a commitment to others to get it done.
Apparently the average household has around 300,000 items – we all have our own Op shops we can find things to reuse.
We are in a social dilemma: we won’t be happy till we have X. And once we have X, the good feeling is fleeting, we then need the next thing to make us feel content.

During lockdown we did declutter but many of us also spent a lot on line and bought more ‘stuff”
Jo & Vicki also talk about the wonderful act of paying it forward and giving away what we no longer need or use.
It is a fun and interesting discussion

17:10-34:21 (17 mins 11secs)
Resentment a worthless emotion we all feel
Two Natural Ladies wish everyone a Happy 2021. Jo & Vicki question: When do we stop saying “Happy New Year? And when do the Christmas decorations get put away? – never according to Vicki!
Once the holiday season is over it can be difficult for us to get back into work mode. Vicki and Jo discuss ways to ease into work to make it easier. We can resent being back.
Two Natural Ladies discuss their yearly holidays away from the kids, a free trip given by the company they worked with as an incentive. A time to think and explore without the constant interruptions from four children. Then the shock of going back home, after being pampered, to the constant demands. Resenting the kids, resenting being back into the everyday.
Resenting washing the dishes. Why are there always more? Trying to get the sink ‘up to date’ And everyone feels they are doing their share. Vicki & Jo talk about the waste of emotions, feeling this resentment and resenting feeling resentful.
Take a moment to breath; sit with things and don’t react. We can interpret things incorrectly and create bigger dramas. Jo & Vicki find stepping back, using their gut, their intuition often stops issues increasing.

37:17 – 52:53 (15 mins 36secs)
Intermittent fasting: can it save our lives?
Two Natural Ladies have both experienced the benefits of Intermittent Fasting. A process that has been recommended by certain health experts for over sixty years.
Jo shares her discovery of Justin Nault and the information he gives about fasting. Justin talks about:
Autophagy which is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. “Auto” means self and “phagy” means eat. So the literal meaning of autophagy is “self-eating.” This process begins after only 24 hours of fasting.
Apoptosis is a process that occurs when a cell intentionally “decides” to die. In humans, apoptosis plays a major role in preventing cancer by causing cells with damaged DNA to commit “suicide” before they can become cancerous. …
Insulin creates weight gain. Fasting reduces insulin.
Vicki talks about her health issues many years ago and how fruit fasting worked for her. She lost weight and had heaps more energy – it worked for her. She did have to deal with other people’s opinions and after a time stopped sharing what she was doing with most people.
The discussion continues, with talk about a leading fasting expert Dr Alan Goldhammer, who advocates fasting to assist us to live healthier lives.
Give our digestion a break, help with inflammation. Craving processed food is out new normal. We no longer crave fruit. But after fasting for a short period of time our taste buds love fruit again.
Jo & Vicki also touch on the foods advertised for children as healthy for them to eat. Only 10% of the content has any nutritional value!
Have a listen and do some research for yourself

52:54-1:16:30 ?? (23 mins 36 secs approx.)
2020: Businesses adapt and pivot: In crises we start thinking
Two Natural Ladies have an entertaining and informative discussion with Geoff Kelly, a coach to small and medium businesses.
During 2020, Geoff saw many businesses change their business model and is in awe of how they are surviving. He found that many people have created a new way to find customers by adapting, Geoff himself has now become a Zoom expert!
Vicki, Jo and Geoff talk about the uncertainty for many now at the beginning of 2021. For many we have been questioning ourselves. Look at what you love doing. Belief and desire are different and creating something new can be seen as part of a new adventure and embraced. Geoff tells a story of a client who had boxed himself as a banker, after some time exploring this with Geoff he realised he was so much more than that. Looking at what gets you the results may not always be what you love.
Another wonderful story by Geoff explains the benefit of continual course correction. A 50 page business plan is not as effective as having a basic plan, starting out and then examining how things are going every few months and correcting as needs be.
Two Natural Ladies ask Geoff how to handle distractions. Making commitments to others. We do not have to be self-disciplined, we need to keep our word when we give it and that way we will achieve our goals.
Jo & Vicki finish with wonderful interview by asking Geoff to share why he loves the song “I am Australian.” His answer is worth the time to listen

1:21:15 – 1:29:40 (8mins and 25secs)
Reasons to be hopeful in 2021: so much to appreciate
Two Natural Ladies start this podcast with a Happy Birthday poem from Vicki to Jo.
Jo & Vicki share their passion for sustainability, picking up rubbish #Letsdoit321 and making a difference.
They talk about Natalie Isaacs and her beginning into the realm of waste and being sustainable. At some point we need to say: “Up with this we will no longer put!”
We can make a difference as was shown by Greta Thunberg, when she decided to take a day off school and protest in front of the government building in her capital city. This lead to children all over the world doing the same thing.
Two Natural Ladies discuss Anne-Marie, the Zero Waste chef and her blog about 2020 and how we can all feel hopeful for 2021!
“We can rapidly alter course. We the people changed our behaviours almost overnight last year. During the first Covid lockdowns, we began to wash our hands compulsively, physically distance from one another and wear our masks. Industry developed new Covid protocols. Covid has reined in our obsession with unattainable beauty standards”
It looks like finally the rest of the world is catching up to the Two Natural Ladies . Celebrating being natural, seeing us as we are not trying to achieve some unattainable, media driven standard of how we should look.
“The more we celebrate natural, realistic appearances and refuse to expend energy striving for standards that we can never reach, the more difficult the marketer’s job to sell us things we don’t need.” Zero Waste Chef
What a wonderful world it can be – Enjoy

1:31:36 – 1:37:19
“Encountering adversity ultimately deepens us and gives us access to inner strength” Eckhart Tolle
Two Natural ladies discuss some of the everyday struggles we all face. Anxiety, depression, fear and isolation – and for those who can no longer go on do they realise the affect this will have on their families and friends forever?
Although at the time when things seem darkest – ‘This too shall pass’. We just need to find a way to put one step in front of the other – as Deborah Pascoe says find one thing that lights you up/makes you feel good. There are always people around and when we are at our worst we can’t see them. Participating makes a difference. Jo shares how when she was at her lowest, it was her time with Vicki, just being, that was a relief from her suffering. And yet when we are at our worst we shy away from people – counter intuitive!
“Marriage is hard, Divorce is hard – Life can be hard –so choose your hard” And though we are alone we are all in this together?. Without the dark there is no light.
Change is a constant

1:39:35-1:43:10 (4mins and 25 secs)
“How to Make Gravy” Paul Kelly
Jo &Vicki, discuss in this snippet, Jo’s reaction to the Paul Kelly song ‘How to Make Gravy’ There are some tears and some heart felt sharing about the journey Jo has been through with his sons mental health, drug addiction and incarceration.
Two Natural Ladies talk about how adversity can make us stronger and give us gifts we never expected.
“Encountering adversity ultimately deepens us and gives us access to inner strength” Eckhart Tolle

Jan 19, 2021

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